July 9, 2008

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2 - Linking Policy

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The owner of this website at any time does not ensure the functioning and continuity of the articles or sections, thus declining any responsibility for errors or damages that may result should you release the owner from all liability.

The owner of this website in any instance or circumstance shall be held responsible, either by you or by other persons or entities directly or indirectly, from the misuse and / or illegal information. The owner wants to make clear also that all the texts on this site are just tips that may be correct or not and you can continue or not, but at its own risk and discretion.

The owner will try to avoid the presence on this site from viruses or other items of any kind which might cause alterations in the user's computer system in your electronic documents or files, but can not absolutely guarantee the absence of such elements as current state of technology, therefore, the owner declines any responsibility with the person or company to use this site and would harm the nature described.

The owner will work with the authorities against any unlawful or harmful actions that have been made in bad faith by third parties and / or cause damage on this website.

The owner of this site use it as an advertising medium and is not responsible for the bad service or problems arising from the services advertised, so that advertising and referral services that are beyond the sole responsibility of the advertiser.

On this website there are NO illegal content (pornography, glorification of terrorism, or other illegal content).


This Web site does not store personal information of its users, or even e-mail address or the ip of their users, therefore you can not leave comments on any of the articles on this website. Only data are collected on time, to make use of so-called "cookies" for the proper functioning of the system (see Privacy Policy).


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The owner wishes to make it clear that attitude shows a complete contradiction to any unlawful act with the interest and desire to comply strictly with the Spanish laws and those imposed from the international legal order.

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