July 12, 2009

Latoya Jackson knows who killed Michael Jackson


Two weeks after the death of Michael Jackson, the conjecture about the causes of his death had happened to the tributes to the King of Pop. If this week claimed that the police did not rule out the hypothesis of murder and investigating all medical Jackson, this Sunday Latoya Jackson throws more fuel on the fire and sensational claims in two British newspapers, the News of the World and The Mail on Sunday, his brother was murdered and that she knows who the murderers.

In the News of the World, that the whole page entitled "I know who killed my Michael," Latoya says that several persons responsible for the disappearance of his brother and that reason was "a conspiracy to take money from Michael". Their statements are known two days after the police chief of Los Angeles admitted that the murder was one of the research, something that has no doubt Latoya. "There was a conspiracy. I think it was all for the money. Michael was worth over 1,000 million dollars in assets for broadcast rights of music and someone killed him for that. Worth more dead than alive," says the singer's older sister, who no names at any time about who might be murderers.

Latoya says that this "group of people" stole $ 2 million in cash and jewelry from many of his brother's house, which he hooked to drugs, it isolated from family and friends to feel alone and vulnerable " and that forced him to work to exhaustion to keep making money.

Michael, according to the testimony of Latoya, did not want to give the series of 50 concerts that were to have begun Monday in London. "Less than a month ago, I said I thought Michael was going to die before the actions of London because he was surrounded by people who did not harbor the best intentions in his heart," said Latoya, who describes his brother as a person " very docile, quiet and loving, which people use ". "I never thought that Michael lived until an old man," says the interviewee, believe that Michael Jackson was "the single person most of the world" and that "sooner or later it was something terrible to happen."

In interviews reveal other details such as the singer did not die in his bed, but on the doctor who was living with, Conrad Murray, who accused of disappearing from the hospital he was transferred to the singer when she began to ask questions. "He just mumble something and said something like 'Michael did not, sorry." Something was not right. I thought it was strange, "he says.

Latoya says that it was he who insisted that he did a second autopsy after seeing the corpse that had puncture marks on her neck and arms, "and predicted that knowing the final results will be a shock for all world. It also says that he hopes is a testament to his brother after 2002 in which Michael Jackson hopes that their children live with Diana Ross. Latoya says that it will never cease to live with her biological mother, Debbie Rowe, which was accused of being part of the type of people who "stood for Michael because he was interested in her money."

Latoya is confident that the children remain with Jackson and offers some details of how to react to the death of his father. According to his story, the children did not stop mourn until they were able to spend 30 minutes next to the body of his father and was able to dismiss him. Paris will put a collar around one of his hands, after which, according to Latoya, "said Dad had to work too hard."

July 1, 2009

Farrah Fawcett funeral photos








Farrah Fawcet died on Thursday, victim of anus's cancer . The blonde actress will always be remembered for his role in Charlie's Angels. Here you can find all photos of her last performance: her funeral.

She was a beautiful actress who is always in our hearts. Rest in peace.