June 29, 2009

Latest news: the death of Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson
weighed only 51 kilos, was partially dissolved pill in the stomach and had several broken ribs, according to leaked details of the autopsy to the sensationalist newspaper The Sun. As reported today by the British newspaper, to the first post mortem examination carried Jackson's body after his sudden death last Thursday, the body of the king of pop was almost a skeleton and was very deteriorated.

Jackson, whose remains were submitted over the weekend to a second autopsy requested by his family, had not eaten anything and only had pills in his stomach.

As a result of efforts to revive the singer, 50, had fractured ribs and four of needle puncture on the heart to supply the body with adrenaline. In addition, Jackson had been almost bald, and in fact wore a wig, says the British newspaper.

The coroners have also found bruises on the knees and shins of the singer and in the back, which could be the aftermath of a recent fall. Also, the body of the king of pop was packed with surgical scars caused by at least 13 cosmetic surgeries. The family and supporters of Michael is horrified when they realize the terrible state in which it was, "the newspaper said a source close to the vicinity of the star.

The Sun published details of an autopsy after the medical staff of Michael Jackson, Conrad Murray, was last weekend and released under suspicion after three hours of questioning to which he put to the Police. The spokesman for the doctor, Miranda Sevcik, said that Murray answered "all of the questions," performed by actors who work to elucidate the reasons for the singer's death, which the doctor was an eyewitness. According to the sensationalist British newspaper, the Jackson family is preparing a multimillion-dollar claim against the physician.