May 6, 2009

David Ogden Stiers is gay

Lies and fairy tales
yes, it's gay, so what?

The popular actor David Ogden Stiers has openly said that he' s gay, and he is proud of it.

He has admitted his sexual orientation to the blog "Gossip Boy". Also, David has produced fear tell it that being gay closes many doors.

David Ogden Stiers (born October 31, 1942) is an actor, voice actor, and musician, noted for his role in the television sitcom M * A * S * H as Major Charles Emerson Winchester III and the science fiction drama The Dead Zone as Reverend Gene Purdy. A connoisseur of classical music, Stiers has been a guest conductor for over 50 Orchestras in North America and maintained a position as associate conductor of the Newport Symphony Orchestra and the Ernest Bloch Music Festival. He has also conducted for the Boston Pops Orchestra.

Really, are we interested in this story? Viva sexual freedom!