December 4, 2008

Secret Millionaire: Imperial Beach

Tonight on the two hour premiere of Secret Millionaire, Greg and Cole Ruzicka will forsake all their possessions and be forced to survive on their own in the impoverished Imperial Beach. While under the guise of filming a documentary, they will meet needy locals and at the end of the week present them with a monetary gift. In the second half of the show, Todd and Gwen Graves will leave their home in Baton Rouge, LA to live among hurricane Katrina victims.

The show starts in Newport Beach with Greg Ruzicka describing how he risked everything to start his law firm and achieve his goal of making his first million by age 32. His talks about his very spoiled son, Cole, who will be participating in the show with him. They take a boat to Imperial Beach where they will live undercover in poverty for one week and tell people they are filming a documentary.

Imperial beach is one of the most polluted beaches in America and when they arrive, they are awestruck. They only had $150 (welfare wages) to find a place to live. Finally, they come across a place that will cost them $56/ day. There are holes in the walls, wires falling out, cockroaches, and bedbugs everywhere.

Day 2, they realize they only have enough money for one more day of rent. They go out to find a job and come across an ad for construction workers. While they are taking a break they meet Linda, a fellow co-worker, starts chatting with them. She tells them when she started working there she was homeless and someone helped her, so she felt she should help them. She invites them to her house for breakfast. In the morning, they go over for breakfast and discover that Linda had a horrible accident where she broke her back. She had no insurance, lost her house, and wasout on the streets. She tries to give them “advice” on how to make it. The main thing she emphasizes is supporting eachother and “paying it forward.”

When afternoon comes, they realize they need to go find some food. They go to the grocery store and run into Kathy, who feeds homeless families out of her home. They offer to help her out and she brings them to her home. When they get to the home, they meet all the children and spend some time with them. Cole starts talking to a little boy named Kevin, who was living in his mom’s van before finding Kathy’s house. Kathy supports the children from her social security every month and tells them that anyone can do it.

The next morning when they buy some juice at a gas station, they see an ad that is raising money for a local child, Emily, who has bone cancer. They showed up at her house and talked with the family. Her parents told them that the doctors found seven masses of cancer in her body, and they had to take off work to take care of her - they also have no insurance. The Ruzicka’s expressed theircondolences and thanked them for the talk. When they walked away, Greg startedtearing up and hugged his son.

Back at their apartment, they talk about all the people they’ve met and how frivolous they are with their own money. The next day, they shower and get dressed in suits. They go back to the construction site to find Linda and revealthe truth that they have been lying. They present her with a check for 25k andshe tries to refuse it. Then they go over to Katie’s house and present her with acheck for 50k. All of the children come out and hugged them, and then they openedup a trunk full of toys for them. Finally, they go back to Emily’s home and Cole gives her dad a check for 50k.

Todd and Gwen Graves from Baton Rouge, LA are the second secret millionaires. They are founders of the Raising Cane food chain and former McDonalds franchise owners. Their weekly budget is $107 and they will be living in a trailer in Buras, LA, an area still torn apart by the recent hurricanes. On the drive there, they are blown away by the damage that still exists from the hurricanes. Inside their trailer, they inspect every square inch for cleanliness. Next they drive to the nearest grocery store to get some necessities and their total comes to $90, so they put some things back.

They hear about a organization called “The Gathering Place,” which sells discounted groceries to Katrina victims. Eventually, when they finish the project it will include a coffee shop, a church, and a place for family entertainment. Todd starts a conversation with the owners, who shares their story with them. She has a family of seven an currently lives in a FEMA trailer until they can remodel an apartment located above the Gathering Place.

As they drive around, they find a sign asking for volunteers. They stop at a local church where they meet Rev. Turner, who has nothing remaining from his house after Katrina. He has worked to rebuild the church and homes for others beforeeven starting his. They ask why they are putting money into rebuilding in a place that might get hit again, and he tells them because it is home. Then they come across an ad for a local football scrimmage and decide to attend.

Todd strikes up a conversation with coach Crutchfield, who explains how they had to combine three rival high schools into one. Since then, they have won a state championship. He talks about how the team and community has bonded together and that every day is better than Aug. 30, 2005. They drive to the boat launch of Grand Bayou and take a ride down the river. Later that night, they feel exhausted and emotionally drained. They are feeling very overwhelmed by their decision and are upset they can’t help everyone. Todd says that he wants to do whatever will impact the most people.

As they drive back to see the people again, they feel anxious about admitting their lie. First, they visit the people at the Gathering Place and present them with a 100k check. They tell them they are angels and that they were honored to do it. Next they go back to the school and speak with Coach Crutchfield again to give him a 100k check as well. Finally, they go back and find Rev. Turner to give him the same gift. They also present him with a bunch of things to help with his volunteer center.

Secret Millionaire airs Wednesdays at 8 PM on FOX.

Source: Reality TV Magazine

Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer trailer

Adventures in Babysitting

Adventures in Babysitting
is a 1987 comedy film written by David Simkins, directed by Chris Columbus, and starring Elisabeth Shue, Bradley Whitford, Maia Brewton, Anthony Rapp, Penelope Ann Miller, Keith Coogan, and a brief cameo by blues singer/guitarist Albert Collins. Although it is set in Oak Park and Chicago, Illinois, with much of the action taking place in the city itself, the movie was filmed primarily in Toronto.


Chris Parker (Elisabeth Shue), a high school senior, agrees to babysit Sara Anderson (Maia Brewton) after her boyfriend Mike Toddwell (Bradley Whitford) cancels their anniversary date. Sara's older brother Brad (Keith Coogan), who has a crush on Chris, decides to stay home and hang around. When Chris' friend Brenda (Penelope Ann Miller) calls from a Chicago bus station, having made a failed attempt to run away from her family, Chris reluctantly takes Sara, Brad, and Brad's sex-obsessed best friend Daryl Coopersmith (Anthony Rapp) from their safe suburban surroundings into the city to rescue her. A flat tire on the highway with no spare and Chris' realization that she has failed to bring her purse launches the group into a series of unlikely predicaments, including detainment by a car theft ring (from which Daryl steals a Playboy magazine filled with incriminating notes), pursuit by the criminals, a blues club where they're forced (by Albert Collins) to sing of their ordeal before leaving, a gang fight on a train which leaves Brad slightly injured (as well as a moment at a hospital where the others are briefly led to believe Brad is dead), and a final incident with their pursuers on the Smurfit-Stone Building in Chicago.



This was the first PG-13 film released by a Disney film division and was released as A Night on the Town in the United Kingdom. In the scene in the bus station with Brenda, the actor who portrayed the hot dog salesman originally improvised his line as "then I don't have a fucking weiner!" Columbus loved the line, but executives at Disney wanted to keep the picture more family-friendly so the line was removed (although, ironically, the word "fuck" is used twice in the final cut). This scene was added to stretch out the bus station segments. It was not in the original script.

Bradley Whitford, who played Mike Todwell in the film, was actually 27 years old at the time of shooting. He was uncomfortable with the age difference, but director Chris Columbus put him at ease by allowing him to use his own Camaro in the movie. The car is later seen with Whitford's real-life license plate "SO COOL".

The movie's title was parodied in an episode of Disney's television show, That's So Raven, "Adventures in Boss-Sitting" and an episode of The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 as "Misadventures in Babysitting".

Valerie Bertinelli was one of the actresses who auditioned for the role of Chris Parker.[1]

Anthony Rapp and director Chris Columbus would reunite 18 years later for the film adaptation of the musical Rent, which originally starred Rapp on Broadway.

Television pilot

Adventures in Babysitting was adapted into an American television pilot[2] of the same name for CBS in 1989. The pilot starred Jennifer Guthrie as Chris Parker, Joey Lawrence and Courtney Peldon as Brad and Sara Anderson, Ariana Mohit as Brenda, and Brian Austin Green as Daryl. It was not picked up for series.


A sequel is reportedly planned for release in 2010. Stars Raven Symone and Miley Cyrus are rumored to star in the sequel/remake called, "Further Adventures in Babysitting."

Source: Wikipedia

Visa Black Card

Barclay’s launches their Visa Black Card competing directly with the American Express Centurion card. The Visa Black Card which is made out of carbon graphite, and includes similar benefits to the Centurion Card such as Priority Pass. “Limited to 1% of US Residents” but criteria is currently yet to be clarified.

  • Limited Membership (1% of U.S. Residents)
  • 1% cash back on purchases or $1 = 1 points that can redeemed for travel anytime
  • 24-Hour Concierge Service
  • Exclusive Rewards Program
  • Luxury Gifts
  • Patent Pending Carbon Graphite
  • Annual Fee $495

Source: Ratevin

Hoaz Ileana Ros-Lehtinen

Cong. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen thought it was a hoax when President-Elect Barak (sic) Obama called her twice today and she proceeded to hang up on him, twice.

"Ros-Lehtinen was working in her South Florida district when she received a call on her cell from a Chicago based phone number and an aide informed her that President-Elect Obama wished to speak to her. A gentleman sounding like Obama introduced himself when Ros-Lehtinen cut him off and said that 'I’m sorry but I think this is a joke from one of the South Florida radio stations known for these pranks' and hung up.

"A short time later, Cong. and Chief of Staff designate Rahm Emmanuel (sic) called Ileana and stated 'Ileana, I cannot believe that you hung up on the President-Elect.' Ros-Lehtinen told Rahm that she didn’t believe the call was legitimate and hung up on Emmanuel (sic). A staffer to the Congresswoman informed her that Chairman Howard Berman of the Foreign Affairs Committee needed to speak with her urgently. When Chairman Berman called, Ros-Lehtinen urged him to recount a story only both of them would know, which he did, and told her that she had indeed hung up on the President-Elect.

"The Congresswoman then received another call from Obama and he told her 'It is very funny that you have twice hung up on me,' to which she responded that South Florida radio stations are notorious for these jokes. Obama told her that in Chicago they also have prank calls. Ileana told Obama that 'you are either very gracious to reach out in such a bipartisan manner or had run out of folks to call if you are truly calling me and Saturday Night Live could use a good Obama impersonator like you.' After she congratulated him for his victory and pledged to work together on behalf of all Americans, Ros-Lehtinen asked Obama to please consult with Senator Bob Menendez and Congressman Albio Sires on Cuba policy and to rely on Secretary of State designate Clinton on Israel, two issues about which Ros-Lehtinen feels passionately.

"Ros-Lehtinen talked to Hillary Clinton by phone yesterday and also discussed Cuba and Israel."

Source: ABC News

The 2009 Grammy Nominees Revealed

If, at some point today, you feel one side of your body go numb, have trouble walking, and/or are overcome with the desire to hear Herbie Hancock covering Joni Mitchell songs, well, chances are you've just got a severe case of Grammy Fever. Either that, or you are having a stroke.

If it's the former, you are not alone. On Wednesday night (December 3), in much-hyped live concert on CBS, the nominees for the 51st Annual Grammy Awards will be announced, and the excitement is palpable. There is electricity in the air — seriously, reach out and touch it! — and a buzz in the streets. People are overcome with joy and crippling paralysis. At the same time. Cars are driving off the road. Dogs are walking themselves. It's bedlam, I tell you ... bedlam!

Actually, I'm exaggerating. Not many people really care about the Grammy Awards anymore, except music-industry suits, people who are afraid to buy anything online and anyone who still listens to Herbie Hancock records (though, often, these are all the same people). This is largely because the Grammys are out-of-touch with reality, don't make much sense and are voted on by a shadowy cabal of "industry professionals" who have, over the years, never seen it fit to bestow an award on Led Zeppelin, Neil Young, the Beach Boys or Diana Ross, but have given Sheryl Crow nine of them.

Combine that, uh, "track record" with the rather byzantine scope and state of the voting process — for this year's awards, Recording Academy members may nominate only albums and songs released between October 1, 2007 and September 30, 2008, and those nominees are spread out across 31 fields (pop, gospel, etc.) and 110 categories within those fields — and you're faced with one resounding fact: attempting to predict just who is going to be nominated for a Grammy is near impossible.

Still, that doesn't mean I'm not going to try. After all, I did the same thing earlier this year before the Video Music Awards (a.k.a. "the only awards show that makes less sense than the Grammys"), and I ended up picking the winners in three of the eight categories — a smashing success, indeed.

So, to prevent you from having to even tune in to the Grammy nominee concert bonanza jamboree (because, really, how many times do you need to see Taylor Swift perform at a televised event?), I'm presenting my fearless (and more than likely incorrect) Grammy Nominee Predictions. I didn't pick noms in all 110 categories, because that would take about a year (and there are w-a-a-y too many choices for "Best Boxed or Special Limited Edition Package"), but I've taken a run at a few of the biggies. Remember, I am not a professional prognosticator, so wager accordingly.

Record of the Year

This is the award given to the song of the year (in olden tymes, songs used to be called "records"). Amy Winehouse's "Rehab" won last year, beating out the likes of Rihanna's "Umbrella," Justin Timberlake's "What Goes Around ... Comes Around" and the Foo Fighters' "The Pretender" (seriously). Given that every year, this category consists of four solid, massive radio hits and one decidedly WTF track, I'm thinking the 2008 nominees will look something like this:

» Coldplay's "Viva la Vida"
» Kid Rock's "All Summer Long"
» Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love"
» Something from Al Green's Lay It Down or Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' Raising Sand (a.k.a. the token "rewarding the aging legend selection")
» Taylor Swift's "Teardrops on My Guitar"

If Swift's "Teardrops" is ineligible (and, to be honest, there is a very good chance it is, given the in-and-out game it played on country and adult-contemporary radio), look for Mariah Carey's "Touch My Body" or Usher's "Love in This Club" to sneak in instead. Or perhaps Pink's "So What?" Sadly, I think my choice, the Hold Steady's "Sequestered in Memphis," is a long shot to snag a nom.

Album of the Year

Given to the actual album of the year. Last year, Herbie Hancock took this one home for his River: The Joni Letters album, besting Kanye's Graduation, the Foos' Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace and Vince Gill's These Days, among others. Given the perplexing release-date requirements, there's a pretty good chance an album competing for a Grammy at this year's awards was actually released sometime in 2007 ... also, sadly, efforts by West and Beyoncé missed the cut for inclusion, since they were released after September 30 of this year. I know, confusing indeed. Anyway, the nominees for the 2008 Album of the Year are:

» Alicia Keys' As I Am
» Coldplay' Viva la Vida or Death and All His Friends
» Lil Wayne's Tha Carter III
» Metallica's Death Magnetic
» Robert Plant and Alison Krauss' Raising Sand

Keys' album was released after the cutoff date for last year's Grammys, so look for her to land a nod this year (Academy voters lover her). Same goes for Plant and Krauss' Sand. Coldplay are safe and generic and massively successful. Wayne sold a million copies in a week and should be rewarded here. Metallica's Death Magnetic is the long shot here, though it did sell well, garner positive reviews and have the benefit of having Rick Rubin's hands all over it. If not them, then perhaps Mariah or Leona Lewis take their spot.

Song of the Year

Given to the writers and composers of a song. Aside from that, confused as to how this differs from Record of the Year? Me too. So let's just press on. Oh, Winehouse's "Rehab" won this last year too.

» Duffy's "Mercy"
» Sarah Bareilles' "Love Song"
» Leona Lewis' "Bleeding Love"
» John Mayer's "Say"
» Sugarland's "Stay"

My thought process for this category was basically this: Think of a bunch of songs soccer moms listen to on the radio, and go with them. John Mayer is also performing during the Grammy nominations concert, which means he's bound to grab a big nod somewhere. This might be the spot. Also, I have never heard a Sugarland song in my entire live. BTW, I will probably go five-for-five in this category, given how little thought I put into it.

New Artist

Probably the most interesting award of the year, especially because, in the past, Academy voters have decided to give it to artists who are not exactly new (Maroon Five!) or are completely unknown by 95 percent of the general public (Ledisi!). Oh, also, there is an outside chance either Miley Cyrus or the Jonas Brothers get nominated in this category. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!

» Duffy
» Katy Perry
» Leona Lewis
» Miley Cyrus
» Vampire Weekend

Sorry, tweens. I think Miley gets the nod, the JBs don't (and are Tokio Hotel even eligible? If so, maybe they get it instead). In their place, I'm putting Vampire Weekend, just because I wanna see as many boat shoes as possible at the awards ceremony. Duffy and Lewis are mortal-fricking-locks here. I also think that this is the only one of the "big four" categories Perry gets a nomination in, despite having one of the year's biggest songs. Academy voters have a long-standing policy against kissing girls and liking it.

Best Polka Album

The biggest of the big. Seriously. And not just previous winning albums have names like Polkasonic and Let's Polka 'Round.

» Brave Combo's Polka's Revenge
» Bubba Hernandez and Alex Meixner's Polka Freak Out
» Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra's Come Share the Wine
» John Gora & Gorale's Bulletproof Polkas
» Walter Ostanek and Brian Sklar's Dueling Polkas

Actually, these are just the nominees from last year's Grammy Awards. Could you tell the difference?

Source: MTV

Heather Locklear and Richie Sambora To Reunite For Thanksgiving

Heather Locklear is planning to spend Turkey Day with her ex-husband, Richie Sambora, and their 11-year old daughter.

“We’re spending thanksgiving together,” Sambora confirmed to gossip blog at Sunday night’s American Music Awards. “Everything is really cool.”

Locklear, 47, and Sambora, 49, divorced in 2007, but they wanted to reunite around the table for each other and their pre-teen girl, according to a source close to the actress.

“Heather and Richie are very supportive of each other,” a pal of Locklear’s told People. “They talk all the time, and anytime Ava has something important happening they are there together. It’s going to be a very nice Thanksgiving for everyone.”

And the event will be merrier thanks to several other friends and loved ones – including Locklear’s current beau, Jack Wagner, who will be present at the table.

“Jack and a few good friends will also be having dinner with them,” the source added.

In related news, Sambora told HollyScoop that Locklear is “doing fantastic” despite her arrest on DUI charges in September and her DUI charge, filed by the Santa Barbara District Attorney’s Office, last week.

Source: Access Hollywood

Victoria's Secret

Victoria's Secret
is an American retailer of women's wear, lingerie and beauty products.[2] It is the largest brand and a segment of publicly traded Limited Brands with sales surpassing USD$5 billion and an operating income of $1 billion in 2006.[2] Victoria's Secret is known for its fashion shows and catalogues, which feature top fashion models.


Victoria's Secret was started in San Francisco, California, in 1977 by Stanford Graduate School of Business alumnus Roy Raymond,[3] who felt embarrassed trying to purchase lingerie for his wife in a public and awkward department store environment. He opened the first store at Stanford Shopping Center, and quickly followed it with a mail order catalog and 3 other stores.[3] The stores were meant to create a comfortable environment for men, with wood-paneled walls, Victorian details and helpful sales staff. Instead of racks of bras and panties in every size, there were single styles, paired together and mounted on the wall in frames. Men could browse for sexy styles for their girlfriends so they could get "down and dirty" and then sales staff would help estimate the appropriate size, pulling from inventory in the back. In 1982, after 5 years of operations, Roy Raymond sold the company to The Limited.

The Limited kept the personalized image of Victoria's Secret intact. Victoria's Secret was rapidly expanded into the U.S. malls throughout the 1980s. The company was able to vend a widened range of products such as shoes, evening wear, and perfumes among others with its mail catalog issued eight times annually.

By the early 1990s, Victoria's Secret had become the largest American lingerie retailer topping one billion dollars.[4]

On 10 July 2007, Limited Brands sold 75% of Limited clothing chain to firm Sun Capital Partners to focus and boost sales growth on Victoria's Secret lingerie stores and Bath & Body Works units, which provided 72% of revenue in 2006 and almost all the firm's profit.[5]

1,000 Victoria's Secret lingerie stores and 100 independent Victoria's Secret Beauty Stores in the US, mostly in shopping centers. It sells brassieres, panties, hosiery, cosmetics, sleepwear, and much more. Victoria's Secret mails more than 400 million of its catalogues per year.[1] Under pressure from environmentalist groups, Victoria's Secret's parent firm and a conservation group have reached an agreement to make the lingerie retailer's catalogue more environmentally friendly in 2006. The catalogue will no longer be made of pulp supplied from any woodland caribou habitat range in Canada, unless it has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. The catalogs will also be made of 10 percent recycled paper from post-consumer waste.[6]

Victoria's Secret is now building its image with a fairly conservative, middle-class shopper in mind and avoids any connotations of sleaziness that lingerie might carry.[4]

The company gained notoriety in the early 1990s after it began to use supermodels in its advertising and fashion shows. Throughout the past decade, it has refused to follow the celebrity trend, turning down at least one celebrity a month begging to model the brand.[7]

Victoria's Secret makes use of a rigorous customer service model, stressing upselling, frequent staff attention, and signing customers up for a store credit card that provides discounts for frequent shoppers in the way of coupons by mail and free merchandise.

Victoria's Secret Angels

"Victoria's Secret Angels" are the brand's most visible models and spokeswomen. The VS Angels made their début in 1999 in the fourth annual Victoria's Secret Fashion Show. Daniela Pestova, Laetitia Casta, Heidi Klum, Stephanie Seymour, and Tyra Banks are among the "Angels" from the original promotion.[8] In May 2007, the Victoria's Secret Angels, including Adriana Lima, Selita Ebanks, Alessandra Ambrosio, Miranda Kerr, Izabel Goulart, and Karolina Kurkova were chosen to be part of People Magazine's annual "100 Most Beautiful People in the World" issue. [9] The 'Angels' are among the world's best-paid models. [7]

On November 13, 2007, Victoria's Secret Angels became the first trademark awarded a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. [10]


The models started working for the company before being contracted as Angels. Listed below are the years the current Angels started shooting and working for the company. Their first runway show for the company is the second year listed below. The years the models were contracted into Angels are listed above.


Victoria's Secret Fashion Show

In 1995, Victoria's Secret held its first fashion show; the world press reported it as the "lingerie event of the century". In 1999, the VS company made broadcast history in simultaneously broadcasting a live fashion show online and at Times Square, drawing some 1.5 million viewers, after being advertised during the Super Bowl American football game.[16][17]

In 2000, the show was held in Cannes, France, during the Cannes Film Festival to raise money for the Cinema Against AIDS charity; it raised $3.5 million.

In 2001, the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show made its broadcast television debut on ABC, drawing millions of viewers and middle-brow controversy; the Federal Communications Commission receives many complaints about each broadcast every time.[18]

In 2004, instead of the annual fashion show, The Angels (Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, Gisele Bündchen, Adriana Lima, and Alessandra Ambrosio) did an Angels Across America Tour, a grassroots campaign for the brand visiting four major cities, New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.[12]

In 2005, the Rutgers University Drumline made a guest appearance for the show's finale. This was Tyra Banks' last runway appearance.

The 2007 show featured a performance by the Spice Girls and gained prominence as the first American TV debut of the band after their comeback.[19] Kanye West was also scheduled to perform at the event, but cancelled his appearance due to his mother's death. was called to perform in his place.[20]

The fashion show features mostly lingerie and a multi-million-dollar "Fantasy Bra." In 2006, Victoria's Secret's sub-brand Pink made its debut on the runway. The show has since evolved into a lavish event with elaborate costumed-lingerie, varying music, and set design according to the different themes running within the show. The show attracts hundreds of celebrities and entertainers, with special performers and/or acts every year. The giant angel wings worn by the models, as well as other wings of various forms and sizes such as butterfly, peacock, or devil wings, are Victoria's Secret's fashion trademark. The fashion show is also a meeting of today's supermodels, who are always posing in the middle, after the final walk.[17]

In the past, most of the clothing exhibited was not for sale, but in 2005, the show featured the clothing for sale in the catalogue.[18]

Year Broadcast date Television network Viewers (millions) Guest performers
2001[8] November 15 ABC 12.4 Mary J. Blige, Andrea Bocelli
2002[21] November 20 CBS 10.5 Destiny's Child
2003[21] November 19 CBS 9.4 Sting, Mary J. Blige, Eve
2004 N/A N/A N/A N/A
2005[21] December 6 CBS 8.9 Chris Botti, Ricky Martin, Seal, Rutgers University Drumline[13]
2006[22] December 5 CBS 6.8 Justin Timberlake
2007 December 4 CBS 7.4[23] Spice Girls,
2008 December 3 CBS


Victoria's Secret PINK

In July 2004, company executives launched PINK, a lineup of loungewear, sleepwear, and intimate apparel geared mainly towards university and high school students.[24] Alessandra Ambrosio was named the line's first spokesperson. PINK tours campuses around America setting up little mini stores outside for the students to purchase items from.[25] The company markets to youth through MySpace, Facebook, partnerships with MTV, and youth-oriented blogs. The brand has received worldwide nomination for best in the category performance year to year for the past two years. Miranda Kerr is the current spokesperson for Victoria's Secret Pink. Since early 2008, Behati Prinsloo has been appearing in much of their of advertising.

Basic store facts

  • There are 1,003 Victoria's Secret Stores in all, which equals approximately 5,126,000 selling square feet.
  • $731 is the average dollar amount of sales that occur per selling square foot.
  • The average store size in selling square feet is 5,111.
  • The net sales that each stores gross is $3.7 million or about $3.7 billion for all stores.

Source: Wikipedia