November 27, 2008

List of grocery stores open on Thanksgiving Day

On Thanksgiving Day, if you should happen to cook your turkey past the “done” stage and right into charcoal briquette territory, while also entertaining a house full of relatives who are growing increasingly restless because the hors d’oeuvres are all gone – you’ll probably want to head for the grocery store as quickly as you can.

So, for your convenience, here’s a list of grocers in the Irvine area that will be open on Thursday

  • Albertsons: All locations (Quail Hill Village Center, Westpark Plaza, Trabuco Grove Shopping Center, Northpark Plaza, and Campus Plaza) are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Whole Foods Market: The District at Tustin - 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
  • Gelson’s: Oak Creek Village Center - 7 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Sprouts Farmers Market: Westpark Plaza - 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Pavilions: Orchard Hills Village Center - 5 a.m. to 6 p.m.
  • Ralphs: Alton Square - 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Harvard Place - 12 a.m. to 10 p.m.; Woodbury Town Center - 6 a.m. to 9 p.m.; Parkview Center - 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.; Heritage Plaza - 6 a.m. to 10 p.m.

Source: Irvine retail

Local man raises Butterball turkeys

Don’t worry — the chances that the turkeys in this story will be on your Thanksgiving table are slim.
Denver Lawson has been growing turkeys for Butterball for 12 years now, but his turkeys often go to a Carthage, Mo., processing plant.
A typical Thanksgiving Day turkey a family would buy in a grocery store could be about 26 pounds when full-grown. Lawson said that occasionally, he will have to pull some birds for the Army around 30 pounds. But most of the turkeys Lawson grows are a bit more than 42 pounds. And that number, Lawson said, is expected to start rising.
For the last dozen years, Lawson has used a three-stage growth technique, which involved raising 18,000 turkeys in a given flock over three stages, from the pen to an intermediate stage and then to a final growth stage.
However, he’s in the process of switching over to a double-two stage growth method, which skips the intermediate stage and drops the number of birds to 15,500.
“It’s better for the birds because there is less stress on them. There’s more square footage,” Lawson said. “That should get them to finish bigger.”
The method also cuts down on the labor hours of moving birds from one house to another and cleaning houses.
It should also cut down on the amount of birds that die, which is one of the hardest jobs Lawson must do every day.
“I have to do walk-throughs where I pick up the dead birds,” Lawson said. “When I have to pick up two or three 40-pound birds, that gets pretty heavy. On a three-stage, depending on how things go, you can lose 12 percent on a flock, over the 19 weeks of growth. You lose a lot in the first couple to three days. But that’s for a three-stage. In a two-stage, I am expecting 90, 91 percent [survival]. 92 percent wouldn’t hurt me, either.”
With the added weight and subtracted number of dead birds, Lawson expects to get about the same amount of turkey weight as on the three-stage system.
Sometimes, picking up dead birds can create a few confusing moments.
“When they go to sleep, they go so sound asleep that they look dead. I picked one up and I thought he was dead, so I almost threw him in the dead bucket. In the last second, he woke up.”
With those dead birds, Lawson creates a compost pile. He takes a foot of turkey manure, places the dead bird on top, then puts another foot of manure on top of that. The birds decompose under the 160-degree heat in roughly 30 days. Lawson then uses that compost as fertilizer.
When the turkeys arrive, they are a day old. This is another rather tedious chore, as Lawson must spend the first few days teaching the young turkeys how to eat and drink.
“I’ll go around and mess and tinker with the water. I’ll also stir the feed,” Lawson said. “They’re curious enough to go after it. Just being in there helps a lot. It’s still a lot of tinkering and piddling.”
There is no particular trick to raising turkeys, Lawson said. It all comes down to three things.
“Air, food and water,” Lawson said. “The air means more than just air, it means heat and quality, too. Food and water are the others. If you’ve got all those three things, you’ll raise good quality birds, so long as all of that is easily accessible.”
And that is part of the trick. For the air quality, the thousands of birds create their own heat once they are of a certain size, which eliminates most of the need for heaters. Giant fans suck fresh air for 30 seconds every five minutes or so via more than 100 four-inch pipes on the opposite wall.
As for the food and water, that’s automated, too, but a little tricky.
The food and water must be the right height. For the water, if it’s too low to the ground, the birds will splash it on the ground, which isn’t good for the air. If it’s too high, they can’t reach it. If the water in the dish is too full, it will splash, and if the water is too shallow, the birds can’t get enough water.
It is much the same case with the food.
To move the thousands of birds, Lawson often uses loud noises or banging repeatedly with a tool on a post to move the birds away.
“You can’t just try to shoo them. If the guy in the far front isn’t moving, they’ll trample all over each other, and you’ll have layers of turkeys,” Lawson said. “The thing to do is not to overdo it. You’ve got to give them time. Otherwise, they’ll get used to your whistle and start to ignore it.”Perhaps the biggest issue of growing turkeys, Lawson said, is having to buy in bulk. It is also rather surprising when visitors get to the facility.
“It doesn’t really register with people when I tell them I have 54,000 turkeys out there,” Lawson said. “They’ll get out here and tell me, ‘I can’t believe there were that many.’ And I’ll say, ‘Well, what do you think that 54,000 is?’”


The Indian terrorists came from Karachi in the ship MV Alpha

It has been confirmed that the terrorists came from Karachi in the ship MV Alpha. the ship was reportedly laden with RDX and other explosives. There could be 12-15 terrorists and they were in the age group of 20-25. The terrorists were dropped in Mumbai by that trawler MV Alpha and it returned thereafter. The terror attack in Mumbai was like a war against the country.

The Indian Navy is now chasing the trawler that dropped terrorists off Mumbai coast. The Navy is assisted by Coast Guard choppers. Currently, the trawler is located in Gujarat coast. The Navy is all set to take control of the trawler and start interrogation.

Meanwhile, the commando operations are still on at Taj Hotel, Trident-Oberoi Hotel and Nariman House. The Army, NSG Commandos and Police personnel are jointly working to flush out the militants. The commandos are searching each and every room at Taj Hotel. Some NSG commandos are reportedly injured in the operation. The Army is moving in at Nariman House after NSG commandos failed to flush out the militants.

Source: Breaking News Online

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The Bad News Bears

The Bad News Bears is a 1976 film directed by Michael Ritchie. It stars Walter Matthau and Tatum O'Neal. The film was followed by two sequels, The Bad News Bears in Breaking Training in 1977 and The Bad News Bears Go to Japan in 1978, and a short-lived 1979-80 CBS television series, none of which were able to duplicate the success of the original. Also notable was the score by Jerry Fielding, which is an adaptation of the principal themes of Carmen.

A remake of the movie, directed by Richard Linklater with Billy Bob Thornton taking the role of Morris Buttermaker, was released on July 22, 2005.


  • The coach is waiting for his next beer. The pitcher is waiting for her first bra. The team is waiting for a miracle. Consider the possibilities.
  • At last, a picture of kids as they really are.
  • A classic comedy about growing up!


Morris Buttermaker (Walter Matthau), an alcoholic and former minor-league baseball player, becomes the coach of a cellar-dwelling Little League team, the Bears. He works as a pool cleaning man, while drinking endlessly on the side. He coaches the Bears, a children's baseball team with poor playing skills. They play their first game and do not even make an out, giving up 26 runs before Buttermaker forfeits the game.

Realizing the team is near hopeless, he recruits a couple of unlikely prospects. First up is sharp-tongued Amanda Whurlizer (Tatum O'Neal), a skilled pitcher who is the 11-year-old daughter of one of Buttermaker's ex-girlfriends. Buttermaker also notices the powerful throwing arm of the local cigarette-smoking troublemaker, Kelly Leak (Jackie Earle Haley). The boozing coach recruits Leak, and along with Whurlizer, the Bears start winning games.

Eventually, the Bears make it to the championship game opposite the Yankees, who are coached by aggressive, competitive Roy Turner (Vic Morrow). Buttermaker and Turner engage in shouting matches throughout the game, leading to Turner striking his son/pitcher Joey (Brandon Cruz) for intentionally throwing a wild beanball at Bears batter/catcher, overweight Engelberg (Gary Lee Cavagnaro). Later, Buttermaker changes the lineup, putting the benchwarmers in and taking out some of the good players. The Bears lose the game 7 to 6. After the game, Buttermaker gives the team full reign of his beer cooler, and they spray it all over each other. Although they did not win the championship, they have the satisfaction of trying, knowing that winning is not so important.

Production and Success

The Bad News Bears was filmed in and around Los Angeles, primarily in the San Fernando Valley. The field where they played is in Mason Park on Devonshire Street in Chatsworth, California. In the film, the Bears were sponsored by an actual company, "Chico's Bail Bonds."

The film was notable in its time for the amount of vulgarity (including profanity and ethnic slurs) placed into the mouths of the various child-actors who played the principal roles (specifically, a memorable Tanner Boyle, played by Chris Barnes, quoted as calling his teammates en masse "a bunch of Jews, spics, niggers, pansies, and a booger-eating moron"). However, all of the questionable dialogue was used for comic effect. A true product of the mid-70s, the film includes a now-unheard-of scene where an inebriated Buttermaker drives around the players who are not wearing seatbelts in an open-top convertible.

In his 1976 review, critic Roger Ebert called the movie "an unblinking, scathing look at competition in American society."


Morris Buttermaker Walter Matthau Coach of the Bears: A drunk ex-professional baseball player.
Roy Turner Vic Morrow Coach of the Yankees
Cleveland Joyce Van Patten League manager
Bob Whitewood Ben Piazza City councilman and lawyer who sued the league to allow the Bears (in particular, his son) to play. He convinces (and pays) Buttermaker to coach the team.
Ahmad Abdul-Rahim Erin Blunt A Black Muslim who plays in the outfield and adores Hank Aaron; strips off his uniform in shame after committing errors, but is convinced to return to the team by Buttermaker.
Jose Agilar Jaime Escobedo Miguel's older brother who plays second base; doesn't speak English.
Miguel Agilar George Gonzales Jose's younger brother; mostly plays right field. He doesn't speak English either; so short that the strike zone is non-existent.
Tanner Boyle Chris Barnes Short-tempered shortstop with a Napoleon complex; after suffering a horrible loss on their first game, he picks a fight with the entire seventh grade from his school (and loses). He tends to curse more than the others, and often insults and bullies Timmy.
Mike Engelberg Gary Lee Cavagnaro An overweight, out-of-shape boy who plays catcher; A great hitter, his jabs at rival pitcher Joey Turner ignite a rivalry.
Jimmy Feldman Brett Marx Fairly quiet third baseman with curly blond hair.
Kelly Leak Jackie Earle Haley Local troublemaker who smokes and rides a Harley-Davidson motorcycle. Also the best athlete in the neighborhood. He alternates between left and center field and has a crush on Amanda.
Timmy Lupus Quinn Smith A "booger-eating spaz;" plays rightfield and is considered to be the worst player on the team, but surprises everyone in the final game by making a key play to keep the Bears in the game. He is the most quiet and shy player, but showed the odd ability to properly prepare a martini for Coach Buttermaker while the team was assisting the coach with pool cleaning.
Alfred Ogilvie Alfred W. Lutter A bookworm who memorizes baseball statistics. He's mostly a benchwarmer who assists the coach with defensive strategy. A backup outfielder/first baseman.
Rudi Stein David Pollock Nervous relief pitcher with glasses who is a terrible hitter; often asked by Coach Buttermaker to purposely get hit by pitches so he won't try to swing. Also a backup outfielder.
Regi Tower Scott Firestone Another lightly developed character; has red hair. Plays third, then first base.
Toby Whitewood David Stambaugh An unassuming boy who plays first base. He knows about the other players' personalities and at times speaks for the team. Son of councilman Bob Whitewood.
Amanda Whurlizer Tatum O'Neal 11-year-old pitcher who feels insecure about her tomboy image. She is proven to be a good pitcher. Her mother is Buttermaker's ex-girlfriend.
Joey Turner Brandon Cruz The star pitcher for the Yankees. Coach Roy Turner's son. He has a rivalry with Engleberg and regularly bullies Tanner and Timmy. Allows Engleberg an inside-the-park home run, then quits the team after Roy slaps him in anger over a wild pitch.

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Hollywood's Most Overexposed Celebrities

When is press attention a bad thing? When you're one of the 10 folks on this list.

The celebutante's every move, from her club-hopping to her jail stint to her search for a new best friend has proved fodder for the flashbulbs and celebrity press. But what has the incessant coverage garnered her? Eye rolls--and worse, audience disinterest.

In fact, 65% of the U.S. population would use the term "overexposed" to describe Hilton, according to Los Angeles-based E-Poll Market Research, which provides "appeal" rankings for nearly 4,500 celebrities. To put that in perspective, most celebrities average between 3% and 7% on the E-Poll celebrity index during the peak of their careers.

But Hilton isn't the only star to have worn out her public welcome. Audiences have tired of Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and Pamela Anderson, among others. And while overexposure may have less to do with the precise number of headlines than it does the public's perception, the 10 celebrities on our list have proved that familiarity can, and does, breed contempt.

So who's to blame for the media onslaught and the fatigue that follows?

"Is it the paparazzi's fault? They contribute," says Lori Levine, chief executive of talent brokering firm Flying Television. "Is it the insatiable appetite of the American public? That contributes. Is it the invention and obsession with YouTube? Yes, that contributes too."

And don't forget the growing list of spotlight-seeking stars that chase the flashbulbs as much--if not more--than the flashbulbs chase them. Consider Lohan, third on our list, who seems to make a habit of migrating to paparazzi stalking grounds like Les Deux, Villa and trendy eatery Katsuya.
No. 1: Paris Hilton

Overexposed Score: 65%*

Life has been anything but simple for one of the world's most notorious celebutantes. After spending a brief period behind bars, the elder Hilton sister is back on the Los Angeles nightclub circuit. Up next: the Simple Life star is searching for a new best friend on--what else--a reality TV show.

*Source: E-Poll Market Research, which provides over 46 "appeal" rankings for nearly 4,500 celebrities. For perspective, most celebrities are described as "overexposed" by between 3% and 7% by those polled during the peak of their careers.

No. 2: Britney Spears

Overexposed Score: 65%

Once covered for her musical prowess, it's Spears' questionable behavior that gets ink these days. From stints in rehab to stints in the psych ward--to say nothing of a drama-filled custody battle--the former Mouseketeer proves prime tabloid fodder.

No. 3: Lindsay Lohan

Overexposed Score: 56%

Thanks to her rehab stints and hard-partying ways, the starlet's private life is anything but; instead, her every move has been splashed across the tabloids, prompting speculation on everything from her drinking habit to her sexuality. Most recently, it was an early end to her Ugly Betty guest stint that grabbed the struggling starlet big press.

No. 4: Dina Lohan

Overexposed Score: 50%

Who says moms can't get in on the fame game? Proving she too has something to offer Hollywood, Dina Lohan rolled out a buzz-worthy reality show featuring--who else?--herself. Oh, and her other daughter, Ali.

No. 5: Pamela Anderson

Overexposed Score: 49%

The Playboy Playmate-turned-Baywatch babe continues to grab headlines for her high-profile marriages, divorces and provocative ways. She recently turned the camera on herself and her celebrity lifestyle with an E! reality series, Pam: Girl on the Lose.

No. 6: OJ Simpson

Overexposed Score: 47%

More than a decade after the famed Bronco chase, Simpson is once again making headlines for all the wrong reasons. Last month, he was found guilty on criminal charges, including kidnapping and robbery, related to a 2007 event. The football star-turned-convicted felon is being held in isolation as he awaits his December sentencing.
No. 7: Donald Trump

Overexposed Score: 44%

Hardly camera-shy, the New York real estate mogul and TV personality has been grabbing headlines for years. Though his public sparring match with former The View host Rosie O'Donnell is over, his larger-than-life personality can't avoid the spotlight. No wonder: His name is splashed across everything from books to cocktails to neckties.

No. 8: Miley Cyrus

Overexposed Score: 44%

Cyrus may be the queen of 'tween, but her reign as an interesting story subject seems to be nearing an end. With many teen years ahead of her, the Disney Channel star has already been beamed across every platform, from radio to television to film to tabloids.

No. 9: Nicole Richie

Overexposed Score: 44%

Richie is no stranger to the spotlight. In recent years, The Simple Life star garnered press for everything from her shrinking waistline to her best-friend feud to her drunk-driving arrest. More recently, the former bad girl has scored positive press--and lots of it--as new mom to baby girl Harlow Winter.

No. 10: Heidi Montag

Overexposed Score: 44%

MTV's The Hills gave birth to a new set of tabloid queens--and none are better suited for the gossip-worthy role than best friend-turned-best enemy Heidi Montag. Between her friendship feuds and rollercoaster relationship with bad boy Spencer Pratt, the budding fashionista has little trouble drumming up press. Next up: a guest turn on CBS' How I Met Your Mother.

Source: Forbes

Tom Cruise Finally Sees He’s Been a Fool

Tom Cruise speaks out about his outburst and his family.

When Tom Cruise visited Oprah in 2005, he was love struck, bouncing on the couch and proclaiming his joy to the rafters. While he still loves and adores his wife, Katie Holmes, he has finally admitted he may have been a little over the top with his antics. In an interview with Daily Mirror, Cruise spoke out about his marriage, his family and his public display of infatuation. Among other things, he admitted that the criticism he received may have been justified, as he could have "handled things better."

Who says the paparazzi don't perform a valuable service? Cruise said that the relationship with Holmes got stronger from the event, and it brought their families together. He also put to rest the rumors of becoming a parent to another child, saying that while it is in the plan, it isn't going to happen yet.

Source: The celebrity cafe

Apassionata: beautiful horses

Apassionata is a show where all kinds of mixed breeds of riding horses presenting spectacular numbers, ranging from the most classic and elegant, with more daring and adventurous. Despite being present most of the existing breeds of horses, is to mention the special representative of the Spanish breed Pura horse, which stands out above all others for their beauty, their elegance, their delicate movements .

Anyway, that is something worth seeing for all horse lovers, and for those who are not also, because after seeing this, insurance expire love horses.

Sophie Schandorff Is Blake’s Courtroom Girl

Sophie Schandorff whispered, “I love you” to Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder Civil in court today while he learned that he will remain in jail until June 9th. S

Although Amy Winehouse couldn’t be in court today because she herself had a date with the police, her husband Blake still had the support of his “best friend” Sophie Schandorff.

Sophie Schandorff Biography

We don’t know much about Sophie, except she is a 21-year-old beauty, with long blond hair – quite different from his brunette wife. Sophie came to court today to support Blake and the two whispered and giggled until the court clerk warned them to stop. They seemed to know each other quite well as Blake whispered,

“You all right, babe?” and “I love you” to Sophie Schandorff.

After court Schandorff was asked her relationship with Blake and she insisted they are just best friends who have known each other two years. She went on to say she plans on visiting him in prison.

“Hopefully tomorrow I will visit him. But he has to call me.”

In the mean time Blake’s wife Amy was dealing with her own legal troubles over her alleged assault incident.


Brazil censors censorship documentary Global Voices

London based Brazilian filmmaker Daniel Florêncio had a surprise on September 22, when his film Gagged in Brazil was taken off the Current TV networks. The documentary, “an investigation into the seemingly increasingly curtailed press in Brazil”, depicts freedom of press and the relationship between media and politics, looking closely at the involvement of Aécio Neves, the powerful governor of the second most populous and fourth largest by area in the federation, Minas Gerais. It explores the way that the local media offers only favorable news about the Brazilian Social Democracy Party run government, and the lack of journalistic investigation or debate about the errors of the same administration. A day after, his former commissioning editor on Current TV contacted him to explain the reasons [pt]:

Segundo ela, na semana anterior, os executivos seniors do canal nos EUA receberam cartas com severas considerações e críticas sérias em relação ao filme. As cartas foram enviadas pelo PSDB de Minas Gerais. O PSDB afirmava que meu filme tinha caráter político-partidário, que não representava a realidade do acontecido no estado e questionava minha conduta ética na produção do filme. Junto as cartas foram enviadas também cópias da versão em inglês do vídeo produzido pelo PSDB e postado no YouTube.

According to her, in the previous week, the channel’s seniors executives in the U.S. received letters containing severe criticism and serious considerations regarding the film. These letters were sent by the Minas Gerais’ PSDB (Brazilian Social Democracy Party). PSDB stated that my film had a political-party character and it did not represent the reality of the situation in the state, and they challenged my ethical conduct in the production of the film. Alongside the letters, they also sent copies of the English version of the video produced by PSDB and posted on YouTube.

Many bloggers, such as Paulo Fehlauer from Na Rua (screenshot above) had uploaded the video and for over a month exhibited an error message. Meanwhile, Current TV launched a month long investigation into the allegations and into Florêncio’s journalism procedures, resulting in Gagged in Brazil being put back online. André Deak [pt], who had interviewed Florêncio [pt] for his blog earlier this year, brings the news as a victory for freedom of press:

Em alguns lugares (especialmente na rede), parece que o jornalismo ainda é possível.
In some places (especially on the net), it seems that journalism is still viable.

Released on the Current TV in UK on May 27, 2008, and in the US a week before, Gagged in Brazil had a Portuguese subtitled version uploaded on YouTube, triggering a huge reaction: its link made the rounds on e-mails, networking websites and the video achieved over 2,000 hits on Google, over 100,000 views on YouTube, not to mention the 6,000 hits on the Current TV version, in English.

Commenting on the film at the time of its release, Catatau [pt] says:
Salta aos olhos o enquadramento jornalístico de determinadas figuras políticas, como Aécio Neves e Lula. Enquanto para determinados políticos a linha editorial é branda, para outros a cobertura é implacável. Como se a imprensa escolhesse o rigor ou a parcialidade a partir de um jogo que foge aos olhos do espectador.

The journalistic framework for certain political figures, such as Aecio Neves and Lula, stands up. While for some politicians the editorial line is bland, for others the coverage is merciless. It is as if the media chose between accuracy or bias in a game that is far away from the eyes of the spectator.

Soon after, Gagged in Brazil - The Other Side, the video response below, was posted on YouTube by the youth group at PSDB - and other six followed. The filmmaker has been accused of partisanship, data manipulation and non observation of journalistic principles. It also suggests that the documentary did not deserve that much attention because the filmmaker was just an expatriate Brazilian from Minas, not a reputed British journalist.

Freedom of press - an old issue
Gagged in Brazil was inspired by Liberdade, Essa Palavra (“Freedom, That Word”), a 2006 video report by then journalism student Marcelo Baêta, shot for his graduation dissertation. It linked the firing of five journalist in 2002 and 2003 to stories they wrote/broadcast that were critical of Aécio Neves. As Neves gets ready to run as presidential candidate in 2010, “the issue of press manipulation continues to unfold in Brazil”, discovers Elizabeth Tuttle during an interview with Marcelo Baêta for the Columbia Journalism Review. What’s the relevance of his documentary now?

First, Neves is one of the main presidential hopefuls for the 2010 elections. Second, the international repercussions of my video-documentary are still reverberating. This past May, it was heavily featured on the Current TV documentary “Gagged in Brazil,” which has since been viewed on YouTube 50,000 times. In June, the governor’s PR department posted yet another video response, this time to the Current TV’s video.

In a recent comment on the article above, reader Diógenes Pinto Carvalhaes claims that Columbia Journalism School should not have published such an interview without “showing ‘the other side’ of this controversial subject”:

I thought this subject was buried in the past, but it returns again like a ghost. Why is it coming back? For the same reason that it has appeared in 2006… At that moment, the alleged censorship in Minas Gerais was a leitmotiv in the opposition campaign, when Aécio Neves was running for a second term. Macelo Baêta’s video was a precious item of propaganda against Aécio Neves and largely scattered by anonymous spams in the internet. Now, Aécio Neves is one of the names most seriously considered for nomination in the next Brazilian presidential campaign.

However, the case of media censorship in Minas Gerais is far from a buried issue. In the middle of the local election last September, the opposing news website ‘Novo Jornal’ was taken down by Brazil’s Public Ministry (state level prosecutors) on charges of anonymity, as reported by Global Voices. And not even blogs escape from politicians’ attempts to gag those who try to have a voice on their own. Only last month, political scientist Fernando Massote [pt] was under threat of legal action by a local politician for replicating unfavorable news on his blog:

Informo que estou respondendo a interpelação judicial interposta pelo Sr. Marcio Lacerda. O candidato a prefeitura de BH me intima a confirmar conteúdos publicados no meu blog e me ameaça de processo por difamação, calúnia e injuria. Sendo assim, confirmo a autoria de todos os textos definitivos que foram postados e permaneceram no meu blog, da data em que foram publicados até hoje. Estes textos são muito conhecidos pela alta freqüência de visitantes à minha publicação eletrônica. A difusão do meu blog, como todos sabem, é uma conseqüência entre outros fatores, da grande crise da imprensa em Minas Gerais, causada também pela censura de que é vitima e que tem sido amplamente denunciada.

Please be aware that I have been subject to legal procedure by Mr. Marcio Lacerda. The Belo Horizonte’s mayor candidate intimated me to confirm the content published on my blog and threatened legal action against me for defamation, libel and injury.

Thus, I confirm the authorship of all final texts that have been posted and remain on my blog, from the date on which they were published up to now. These texts are well known because of my electronic publication’s big pool of visitors. As everyone knows, the popularity of my blog is a consequence, among other factors, of the great crisis faced by Minas Gerais’ press, which is also caused by the censorship that falls on them and which has been widely denounced.


How long to cook a turkey?

Work out how long to cook a turkey on the day before you cook, then plan your timetable around your turkey recipe, working backwards from when you want to serve a meal.

Start your cooking time to allow the cooked turkey to have at least 20 minutes to rest before you carve. This lets the flesh re-absorb the juices, and makes the bird easier to carve. Remove the roasted turkey from the pan, place it on a board and cover with a clean tea towel. It will stay hot for at least half an hour.

This roast turkey recipe suggests that you rub the turkey with softened butter and wrap in foil for most of the cooking time. Cooking begins with a short blast of heat, then there’s a longer period at a lower heat, and then you should tear off the foil over the breast and finish cooking at a higher temperature.

Enjoy your turkey! And when the feasting's over, remember to check out Leftover Turkey Recipes, for delicious turkey soups, sandwiches and salads.

How long to cook a turkey

If you use a fan oven your turkey may cook more quickly, so keep a careful check on how it's progressing.

Weight: 8-10lb (3.5-4.5 kg) - serves 6-10 people, with leftovers

* Start at 425F/220C/gas 7 for 30 mins
* Turn oven down to 325F/170C/gas 3 and cook for 2.5 - 3 hours
* Remove foil and brown at 400F/200C/gas 6 for 30 min

Weight: 12-14lb (6-7kg) - serves 10 - 14 people, with leftovers

* Start at 425F/220C/gas 7 for 40 min
* Turn oven down to 325F/170C/gas 3 and cook for 3.5 hrs
* Remove foil and brown at 400F/200C/gas 6 for 35 min

Weight: 15-20lb (7-9 kg) serves 15 - 20 people, with leftovers

* Start at 425F/220C/gas 7 for 45 mins
* Turn oven down to 325F/170C/gas 3 and cook for 4-5 hours
* Remove foil and brown at 400F/200C/gas 6 for 40 min


John the Revelator

Who sings the particular version of John the Revelator at the end of the Sons of Anarchy season finale?

Please, if you know the answer, put a comment!! Thanks!!

Terrorists Killed at Nariman House

Live reports from Mumbai report that six terrorists were killed in Nariman House. Nine gunmen were taken custody. Security forces evacuated nearby homes as people were wounded and killed by random fire in the area, which is a very busy tourist area.

Among the dead are 11 policemen and at least 18 have been wounded.

An Israeli national who escaped the attacked gave the following statement; “I was having dinner with an Indian friend of mine and he thought he heard firecrackers and I told him I thought it was gunfire, not firecrackers. Next thing we know, we heard shots and a waitress was shot and we rant to hide in the kitchen… The gunmen then came inside and ordered us upstairs. One of them looked about 22-years-old, clean shaven, and he did not look like a Muslim terrorist.”


Powerful explosion reported at Chabad House in Mumbai

One terrorist has been killed by Indian special forces in the Chabad House in Mumbai, but four others still remain barricaded inside and are holding off efforts to reach Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg, his wife Rivka, and possibly others, who have been held hostage since multiple attacks rocked the city late Wednesday night, Reuters reported on Thursday morning.
Rabbi Gavriel Holtzberg and...

Sky News reported that a loud explosion had been heard at the Chabad House. There was no official word as to the cause of the explosion, which could indicate an Indian attempt to storm the compound.

Earlier, the kidnappers apparently released the couple's young boy and his nanny, who said that the rabbi and his wife were alive but unconscious. Indian television showed footage of the young boy leaving the building with the nanny. The rabbi's mother confirmed to Army Radio that her two-year-old grandson had been released.

"Pray that we should hear good news," urged a Chabad spokesman, Rabbi Zalman Shmotkin, in a telephone conversation with The Jerusalem Post from New York in the early hours of Thursday morning, Israel time.

Chabad later said that it feared for the life of another man, the brother in law of a prominent Israeli rabbi, who may have been among those beind held hostage.

Joshua Runyan, the news editor of the website, told the Post that there had been "several reports that shots were fired in the vicinity of the Chabad House, and unconfirmed reports on CNN of casualties in the Nariman House." Nariman House, Runyan said, was the original name of the Chabad House, which was purchased two years ago.

Runyan, who is in Jerusalem, said that a friend of the rabbi's had received an email from Holtzberg, unrelated to the attacks, at around the time of the attacks or shortly before they began, but that there had been no contact with Holtzberg since. "Since then, we've been trying all the numbers," he said.

The Foreign Ministry in Jerusalem confirmed the possibility that hostages had been taken in the Chabad House area, Israel Radio reported. By 6 a.m., the ministry had yet to make contact with 20 Israelis in India.

Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni with the Israeli consul general in Mumbai, who briefed her on the attacks, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement. The statement said that the ministry and the consulate were making "maximum efforts to ascertain the situation of the Israelis in the city as quickly as possible."

Livni sharply condemned the attacks, saying, "This is further painful evidence that the terrorist threat is the greatest challenge which Israel and the international community have to face. Nothing justifies the unforgivable slaughter of innocents."

Indian news agencies reported that three people were killed in or close to the Chabad House. The dead were unlikely to be Jewish, said reports.

Phone calls by the Post to the Chabad House and to the Holtzbergs went unanswered late Wednesday night and in the small hours of Thursday morning.

Friends of the Holtzbergs placed messages on various internet sites appealing for information about them.

The Foreign Ministry repeated at 2 am that it had no reports of Israeli casualties in the attacks. Runyan said that the Israeli consulate in Mumbai also had no reports of Israeli casualties.

Israel Radio reported that staff from the Consulate were visiting local hospitals. Runyan said the Chabad House was a popular tourist destination and that "Israelis regularly come by and visit."

In an article on the Web site, Runyan wrote that "Chabad-Lubavitch representatives in New York and Israel are working alongside the Israeli Foreign Ministry, the US Consulate in Mumbai and a volunteer team of local residents to ascertain the well being of the Holtzbergs and other Jews in the area."

He added: "People are urged to say Psalms for Gavriel Noach ben Freida Bluma and Rivka bas Yehudis, and anyone affected by the tragedy."


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