November 27, 2008

Tom Cruise Finally Sees He’s Been a Fool

Tom Cruise speaks out about his outburst and his family.

When Tom Cruise visited Oprah in 2005, he was love struck, bouncing on the couch and proclaiming his joy to the rafters. While he still loves and adores his wife, Katie Holmes, he has finally admitted he may have been a little over the top with his antics. In an interview with Daily Mirror, Cruise spoke out about his marriage, his family and his public display of infatuation. Among other things, he admitted that the criticism he received may have been justified, as he could have "handled things better."

Who says the paparazzi don't perform a valuable service? Cruise said that the relationship with Holmes got stronger from the event, and it brought their families together. He also put to rest the rumors of becoming a parent to another child, saying that while it is in the plan, it isn't going to happen yet.

Source: The celebrity cafe

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