November 27, 2008

Sophie Schandorff Is Blake’s Courtroom Girl

Sophie Schandorff whispered, “I love you” to Amy Winehouse’s husband Blake Fielder Civil in court today while he learned that he will remain in jail until June 9th. S

Although Amy Winehouse couldn’t be in court today because she herself had a date with the police, her husband Blake still had the support of his “best friend” Sophie Schandorff.

Sophie Schandorff Biography

We don’t know much about Sophie, except she is a 21-year-old beauty, with long blond hair – quite different from his brunette wife. Sophie came to court today to support Blake and the two whispered and giggled until the court clerk warned them to stop. They seemed to know each other quite well as Blake whispered,

“You all right, babe?” and “I love you” to Sophie Schandorff.

After court Schandorff was asked her relationship with Blake and she insisted they are just best friends who have known each other two years. She went on to say she plans on visiting him in prison.

“Hopefully tomorrow I will visit him. But he has to call me.”

In the mean time Blake’s wife Amy was dealing with her own legal troubles over her alleged assault incident.


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