November 29, 2008

Drug Rehab

Have you wondered if someone close to you is on drugs?

This holiday season may be made difficult by someone close to you who is addicted.

"Drug addicts will lie about their drug usage and can be very convincing, leaving friends and family doubting their own certainty," comments Mary Rieser, Executive Director of Narconon Drug Rehab Georgia. “Before you approach a family member about possible drug abuse, get the facts – verify that there is drug abuse. Home testing kits are very easy to fool, so know the signs of abuse and be certain.”

Sudden changes in behavior can be a clue that there is drug abuse, especially with adolescents. New friends, new flashy clothes and keeping late hours can be signs. Other indications include sudden decline in academic performance, lack of interest in known hobbies and the borrowing of money.

A person on marijuana will usually have red eyes and can appear to be in a daze or may go into fits of laughter for no reason. Marijuana has a strong pungent odor which is difficult to mask. Rolling papers or blunts around the house are tell tale signs of marijuana abuse.

Signs of cocaine or speed abuse usually include glassy eyes and very large pupils, which the person may try to hide behind sunglasses. Other signs are erratic behavior, irritability, nervousness, or aggression, lack of sleep and thirst.

Sign of opiate abuse (includes, heroin and oxycotin) can be constricted pupils, scratching, needle marks and lethargy. It might also include someone acting hyper, as some people are affected this way by opiates.

Benzodiazepine abuse is characterized by sedation, drowsiness/depression, unusual excitement, fever, irritability, poor judgment, slurred speech and dizziness. Xanax abuse amongst high school kids is at an all time high, so this is an important one to be alert to. Withdrawal from the drug can be life threatening and requires medical attention.

"Don't ruin your holidays by accusing someone of drug abuse or drug addiction when you don't have all the facts," comments Ms. Rieser. "If you have questions or doubts, call a professional. Look for signs and get help. be sympathetic, but firm. Get them the help they need. They will thank you for it."

For questions regarding suspicions on drug abuse, contact Narconon Drug Rehab.

If someone you love has signs of drug abuse, then get some help. Call an interventionist if needed, but don’t wait. Overdose is a real threat to any drug abuser. Get them the help they need.

For information on drug addiction signs, call Narconon Drug Rehab in Georgia at 1-877-413-3073 .

Source: Transworldnews

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