November 12, 2008

Insomnia Cookies

The history of the fantasy name “Insomnia cookies” was originally from a group of junior students in University of Pennsylvania, began in 2003.

It is universal truth and experience of college students that they tend to feel hungry at about the same time every night when it is really late to find food. The cause of hunger might be either because they study hard, they party hard, or both. Therefore their lives depend on late night food delivery when most of the shops and restaurants are all close and some might open but those food available are found to be too greasy and heavy to eat at night.

Therefore Insomnia Cookies was born out of dislike of heavy meals late at night and love of food delivery. It was firstly only intended to be given to friends but other students started calling, so they decided to begin delivering cookies and milk around campus. Now Insomnia Cookies has expanded to over four campuses.

As seen on the catering category on the website, menu shown at that page showing what is available and pricing such as cookies, brownies, milk and coffee. The price ranged from 90 cent-$ 4 per person with minimum order size of 8 people and the order can be customized as you wish.

Insomnia Headquarters is now located at 50 West Eighth Street. The chain, a fixture on many campuses, is expanding its service beyond New York University.

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