November 8, 2008

'Saturday Night Live' Political Skits Make Real Impact on Voters

Election Day Survey Finds 10 Percent of Voters Were Influenced by "Saturday Night Live" Skits
As voters went to the polls on Tuesday, many had the recent political comedy of "Saturday Night Live" (SNL) on their minds. According to FirstView, a national public opinion survey released today by Roll Call, Strat@comm and Fleishman-Hillard Public Affairs, two-thirds of voters saw SNL's political parodies this election season.

FirstView's results indicate that non-traditional influencers helped shape voter opinions. "The 'SNL effect' absolutely impacted the election," said Mike Dabadie, FirstView researcher. "We saw that 10 percent of voters said they were influenced by the skits. At the same time, the data shows that 59 percent of those who saw the skits voted for Obama and 39 percent voted for McCain."

The survey also found that 6 percent of respondents indicated the skits made them more likely to vote for Obama/Biden and 4 percent said the SNL skits made them more likely to vote for McCain/Palin.

FirstView was conducted by former White House pollsters Dr. Dee Allsop and Mr. Mike Dabadie. It goes beyond exit polls by delving into a wide scope of attitudinal and behavioral questions that motivated the voters to elect Barack Obama and the 111th Congress.

FirstView also found that while voters were primarily concerned about the economy, they did not vote their pocket books. Instead they were motivated to change the world for future generations and to restore trust in government.

FirstView surveyed 1,000 voters through a phone and online survey. Respondents were triple screened for age, voter registration and participation in the 2008 election. The data is stratified by census region to represent the U.S. population's actual ratios for gender, education and ethnicity. These measures assure a valid national probability sample. The scientific survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 3.1 percent at the 95 percent confidence level.


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Batya said...

Actually, when I saw Palin on SNL, I thought she had great timing for comedy.