November 28, 2008

TigerDirect Spins Black Friday as Charitable Pink Friday

Black Friday, the busiest (offline) shopping day of the year, is almost upon us. Despite your protests to the contrary, you know you're going to shop next Friday, so why not do something positive while you're at it? Venerable retailer is spinning Black Friday into a charity event. Called Pink Friday, the goal is to raise awareness and money for Susan G. Komen for the Cure and the fight against breast cancer.

Part of the promo, which runs from November 23 to December 31, is kitschy: Tiger will package shipments in pink boxes and with pink foam peanuts, the traditional color for breast cancer awareness.

But the overall goal is to raise some cash for the Komen foundation: Shoppers will be able to donate money as they check out, while TigerDirect will be donating a portion of proceeds (and a minimum of $100,000) to the breast cancer group. TigerDirect says it expects to raise over a quarter of a million dollars during the run of the promo.

TigerDirect has a long history of supporting charitable organizations and events. In addition to the Pink Friday event, the company sponsors the "Build Your Own PC Race" every year at CES, which raises money and donates new computer equipment to schools around the country.


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