December 6, 2008

2008 American Express Wishlist

The Monday following thanksgiving has come to be known as Cyber Monday. And what better time for American Express to launch its wishlist. Running from December 1st through December 18th, the American Express Wishlist is a must-see for all technophiles looking for a good deal. These deals are hot and you should hurry to take advantage of the American Express Wishlist before the deals are gone. Listed here are my top 5 favorites from the 2008 American Express Wishlist (I was going to list the G1 phone for $125 each but they sold out)

Coming in on December 2nd on this years American Express Wishlist is the Sharp 42" Full HD 1080p LCD-TV. This elegant TV usually sells for over $1000 but is being offered on the American Express Wishlist for just $700. Featuring a spectral contrast engine, 10,000 to 1 contrast ratio, 5HDMI inputs and a PC input, this sharp TV is going to be a quick seller on the American Express Wishlist so grab it fast.

Making the American Express Wishlist on December 6th is the Iperespresso coffee machine. This top of the range espresso machine regularly sells between $500 and $700, but you can grab it from the American Express Wishlist for an amazing $300. So if you can't get through the morning without your cappuccino then head over to the American Express Wishlist and claim this great gift.

Zipping onto the American Express Wishlist on December 8th is the Dell 15" Studio Laptop. This laptop that usually retails between $750 and $850 is available on the American Express wishlist for an dazzlingly low price of $499. Featuring a 2GHz duo core processor, with a 4GB memory and 320GB hard drive, the Dell 15" Studio Laptop is both powerful and fast enough for any application.

Zooming onto the American Express Wishlist on December 12th is the Flip video mino camcorder. Generally retailing between $150 and $180 this mini camcorder can be found on the American Express Wishlist for only $90 each. This pocket sized camcorder has a big 2GB memory that allows a full 60 minutes of recording time. Easy to use it will make a perfect stocking filler.

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