December 2, 2008

Alana Love, Pregnant Bunny Ranch "Employee" on Howard Stern This Morning

If you’ve ever watched HBO late at night, you’ve probably seen Cathouse which precedes airings of Bikini Girls from the Lost Planet. Well, one of its newest girls, Alana Love, is making headlines today as she goes on The Howard Stern Show. Her “hook” as they say? Well, she’s 7 months pregnant. Yikes. Read an excerpt from her blog here:

Today was my first day at the ranch. I’ve always wanted to do this and when my baby comes, I think I will be able to give her a better life. I was really excited to start today. I know some people will be critical of my choice, but it’s my life. I am an adult. I’m not doing anything to harm my baby — and it’s legal.

[...] So far I think this will be a pretty good life. I wonder all the time what my baby will look like and what she will want to do with her life. I’m not sure how I will feel if she wants to do this kind of work. Obviously if she is over 18, I won’t be able to second guess it. If she is under my own roof, I would have to second guess her. Either way, I am going to support her. If she did it right, it would be ok. I could definitely tell her about all the wrongs and rights! That’s all for now…


Yeah I mean, there are definitely other ways to provide for your kid besides being a prostitute, so I don’t buy that line. Those Bunny Ranch girls make OBSCENE amounts of money, so clearly you’re in it for the cash as well. And really, guys are picking the pregnant chick out of the lineup? Well, I suppose I’ve heard of stranger fetishes.

I’ll post whatever she says on Howard Stern once I can find it.

Source: College OTR

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