December 15, 2008

Ed Werder Gets Harassed by a Cowboy Fan

Ed Werder has been all over this Terrell Owens - Tony Romo - Jason Witten soap opera for ESPN. And why wouldn't he be? After all, this is the Dallas Cowboys we're talking about, and America's Team flat out brings in the viewers. Of course, as evidenced by the following NSFW (foul language) video that Sarah Schorno put on Deadspin today, not all Cowboy fans are thrilled about the job Werder is doing with the coverage.

(As Bacon noted, make sure and look for the ESPN underling's name tag on his Sean John jumpsuit -- priceless.)

There are many awesome things about this video. One, I don't really care for Werder, so I find this amusing. Two, these ESPN guys totally freak out and get upset. Three, the security guard just flat out understands that this video was going to go viral and doesn't dream of doing anything to get himself fired or sued. And finally, of course, the nametag.

Source: Fan House

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