December 9, 2008

Interview with comedian April Macie
April Macie is a stand-up comedian who has appeared on NBC's Last Comic Standing (Season 4) and continues to tour around the country spreading humor everywhere she goes. Along with her comedic prowess, she was also listed in our inaugural list of the Hottest Women in the World (which we're 3.5% sure she's pretty proud of). You can stay up-to-date on her tour schedule at her MySpace page located at

Q: Your early childhood was filled with several tumultuous twists and turns. Instead of giving into the despair and pain, you were able to battle through the darkness and create a brilliant and, might I add, admirable career. Any theories on why comedy so often spawns from dark times?

AM: Comedy is a defense. And honestly, what's funny if someone was like, "yup... grew up with money, white picket fence, and homemade pudding in the fridge." Those people turn out to be lawyers and doctors. Comics are like, "yup... my mom's titty fell out of her tube top at my third grade parent teacher conference." Homemade pudding just ain't that funny, gettin' a beatin' with the puddin' spoon, now that's funny.

Q: As a former Hooters girl it must be incredibly easy to come up with a copious amount of reasons why it was not a pleasant experience, so let's instead make it interesting. Can you describe 3 lessons being a member of the "orange and white" clan taught you?

AM: 1) There's nothing sexy about smelling like wing sauce.
2) Pantyhose + Dolphin Shorts = Sweaty Ass.
3) Big titties rule the world!

Q: Given the fact that your tour schedule appears to be never ending, how do you make time for April?

AM: All time is April time. Even though I spend three out of every four weeks on the road, I am only required to be somewhere two to three hours a night... And most of those hours are spent drinking.

Q: How much does being an attractive female decrease the perception that you can be funny?

AM: Comedy is difficult for ALL women, but when an attractive woman steps on stage she is immediately at a deficit. People assume that attractive people have had an easy life and therefore have nothing to draw from. It's bullshit! My dad beat me like everybody else.

Q: Flash forward to November - Who has earned your Presidential vote?

AM: Mrs. Clinton has my vote. But if she doesn't implement universal healthcare, I'm going to ask that she comes over and takes my temperature... rectally.

Q: What personal illumination would come as a major surprise to your fans?

AM: First, that I had to look up personal illumination. Second, that life is about perception. Third, do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life.

Q: If Last Comic Standing were to hold a competition of every comic who ever has performed, who do you think would be in the Final 3 and who would earn your vote of the best of all time?

AM: I don't think a woman has ever been in the top 3; how crazy is that? If Last Comic Standing were on cable, I'd say, I would win. Funny, NBC frowns on jokes about anal, something about censors. After me, not quite sure, I'm very self-involved.

Q: In 10 years, how close will you be to achieving your life goals?

AM: If I'm dead in ten years, very close. If not, my goals are constantly changing. That's what keeps me driven.

Q: Where can we catch more of you in 2008?

AM: People can see more of me at their local Waffle House.

Q: Let's end with word association. I say wombat and you say...

AM: Wom-what?!!

Source: Wicked Info

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