January 10, 2009

Fake Jeff Hardy Car Accident Storyline Crosses The Line

jeff_feature If you watched Smackdown this Friday night, no doubt you saw the ridiculous storyline featuring a fake car accident in which current WWE Champion Jeff Hardy and his fiance Beth were allegedly involved in.

The angle was that they were involved in some sort of hit-and-run accident where someone hit them from behind and took off. I've read the Internet rumors this week regarding the possibility that this angle (as well as the Jeff Hardy hotel incident) might have been done to bring in former TNA star and WWE veteran, Christian.

I have no issue with using a dramatic storyline to bring back a big-name Superstar. My issue is with the WWE's persistance of relying on poor gimmicks in an attempt to try to bring "reality" to their programing.

I understand that a large portion of the WWE's audience are children but that in and of itself might create another issue with these sort of things. I'm certain there were probably children at the live event who actually thought that their hero was actually injured.

I feel that the WWE needs to do a much better job at playing up the real injuries and stay away from building up these fake ones.

Remember when Randy Orton legitimately broke his collarbone against Triple H at One Night Stand? The WWE did almost nothing regarding this injury in terms of building up any kind of rivalry between the two Superstars.

Now I realize that Triple H got drafted to Smackdown, but they could have easily mentioned it when The Legacy faced Triple H and Batista on Raw a month ago.

Instead, the WWE creates fake injuries like Jeff's car accident and play them up to the hilt while ignoring the potential that real-life injuries could bring to the table.

To me, there's something wrong with the irony of that situation.

Source: Bleacher Report

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