February 10, 2009

Americans for Prosperity starts a no stimulus petition drive

A group calling themselves, "Americans for Prosperity" has started a so-called no stimulus petition drive concerning the proposed economic stimulus package. Does this group involve concerned Americans in all financial categories or does it simply reflect the "haves" striving to hold down the "have not’s?"

Last month nearly 600,000 Americans lost their jobs, bring us a whopping three-and-a-half million loses during this recession. A recession, some have yet to even acknowledge.

I have a hard time watching John McCain (and others) urging everyone to run online and sign a silly petition. I don’t remember him doing that when Bush blindly announced the first bailout plan, Sure we all squawked when the CEO’s arrived in private jets and even giggled when they were asked if they couldn’t have “jet pooled” But I don’t remember any call for Americans to sign a petition!

And there were plenty of talks about how Bush’s invasion has set our Country into a spiral of debt. If ever there had been a need for Americans to ban together, it was then. But again, no petition was circulated and promoted by members of Congress!

In a time where Congress needs to come together, they seem bent on staying apart. One could argue they are simply setting the stage for their next election. On the other side, one could argue they are truly standing by what they think is right. But a petition, does anyone seriously believe that would have any impact?

And where was this group during the first bailout? Oh that’s right; it was mainly a bailout for the rich. So, maybe, just maybe if people promoting this petition were to lose one of their 7 (or was it 9) homes, they might be able to understand the need the average American. Remember, the idea here is to stimulate the economy which will in turn, help us all.

Source: Examiner

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