February 5, 2009

Michael Graves coffee maker rated best deal by Consumer Reports

Many of us Frugal Forcers have a love/hate relationship with coffee. We love to suck down loads of it but hate the detrimental effect it can have on our wallets, especially if it's from a high-priced coffee shop. Fellow blogger Cheap Kate has blogged frequently about her attempts to save money by making her own coffee here at work.

Mercifully, Consumer Reports is coming to Kate's rescue. The magazine has tested 34 different coffee makers and have found the one they say is best: The Michael Graves 12-Cup Coffeemaker, which retails for a relatively inexpensive $40 (some of the "best" coffee makers are priced $100 or more). The magazine cites the coffee maker's high temperature, programmable features and coffee quality.

Consumer Reports also recommends the Melitta Take2, retailing at $25, for an even more frugal cup of coffee.

The always-caffeinated Frugal Force salutes Consumer Reports for its commitment to investigative coffee journalism!

Do you have a preferred coffee maker that's frugal friendly? Are you willing to compromise on price and the quality of your cup of Joe?

Source: Orlando Sentinel

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