February 20, 2009

Nintendo DSi


Yesterday morning Nintendo of America announced that the latest evolution of its DS portable, the DSi, was due to hit stateside on April 5 of this year, priced at $169.99 MSRP. The device is the next system upgrade in the line of DS handhelds, and not a successor to the DS itself (much like the GBA SP or Micro releases for Game Boy Advance), though it promises to bring even more technology to the Big N's innovative pocket platform. Adding in two cameras, internal memory for music, pictures, and downloadable software, a SD port for additional memory, a new front end inspired by the Wii's channel system, and a pair of slightly larger screens, the DSi hopes to bring new lift into the already impressive DS hardware.

Where the real question comes in though, is in some of the changes and sacrifices the hardware asks players to make, and with that we hear the questioning cries of Nintendo fans everywhere as they shout "Should I, or should I not drop the cash and upgrade to DSi?"

Well, we're here to help. Yes the DSi is a bit pricey, and for those of you still catching up on your backlog of awesome Advance titles (or strumming away with Guitar Hero On Tour) the GBA slot has been removed, but there are benefits to the upgrade as well, and therein lies the rub. In order to make sense of it all, the IGN Nintendo Team has jotted down its own personal take on the system in a more personal editor-by-editor format.

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Source: IGN

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