November 24, 2008


I had no idea,
What happened to you,
But I'd had a bad day,
And was already feeling blue.
I opened the door,
And I wished to God I'd not,
Because on the other side,
Was a pain I'd almost forgot.
I stepped inside,
I didn't know it yet,
But inside my own home,
Was pain life wouldn't let me forget.

She told me the news,
I didn't know what to think,
I shrugged as if it didn't hurt,
But I felt my heart sink.
I went up to my room,
And he followed me inside,
He gave me the card,
And I started to cry.
I opened it up,
I had my pen at the ready,
There was a lump in my throat and I couldn't hold my pen steady.

What was I to write?
To my dearest grandpa?
He was barely hanging on,
So near yet so far.
I saw a vision of him,
That caused a heavy strain,
I didn't quite understand,
What had happened to his brain.

A stroke.

Said the nurse,
He cannot talk, read or write,
Yet he can understand me,
When I ask if he's alright.
I can't remember what I wrote,
When I handed him the card,
But when it was read to him,
He cried and it was hard.

He's talking fine today,
And when I ask he will reply,
But the scariest thing about it all,
Is that I never said goodbye.

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