November 20, 2008

Google starts rolling out Gmail themes

It appears that Google is starting to roll out a new feature that allows some users to choose themes for Gmail. Google has provided a set of themes that change the look of the iGoogle personalized homepage for a while now, but this is the first time we've seen official themes for Gmail.

The new option shows up in the Gmail settings menu, to the right of the Labs option. If you don't see a Themes tab in your settings, you're not crazy. Google has a tendency to roll out new features in phases, with some users getting the update before others.

Ashish Mohta at TechnoSpot is already seeing the new themes, and uploaded the images you see above. If you can't access the new themes yet, you might want to check out Gmail Redesigned, an unofficial theme that changes the appearance of Gmail when viewed in Firefox.

Update: It looks like these changes are rolling out quickly. Less than an hour after writing this post, the new themes tab showed up in my Gmail. Check out the gallery below for screenshots of some of the more unusual themes. OK, the Cold Shower theme isn't particularly unusual, but it's the one I plan to use as my default... for now.

Gallery: Gmail themes

Gmail Terminal theme Gmail Ninja theme Gmail Desk theme Gmail Cold Shower theme


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