November 21, 2008

High School Musical 3 is best of the three

High School Musical 3 was by far the best of the three. The musical numbers were bigger and better than ever before, from the opening number Now or Never to the closing number called We're All In This Together graduation edition. Now or Never is the opening number with Zac Efron singing about the last sixteen minutes of the championship game.

Right Here Right Now followed and was a great duet between Troy and Gabriella. The glow in their eyes was amazing. They looked like they enjoyed every second of the song. Ryan and Sharpay's group song followed. I Want It All was Sharpay's way of showing Ryan what he has wanted all along. Later in the movie Gabriella was teaching Troy how to waltz in the song Can I Have This Dance.

A Night To Remember was the first musical number the seniors rehearsed for the spring musical. It was about the last few hours before the prom, the guys dreading it, and the girls fantasying about it. Just Want To Be With You was Kelsey's original duet for this high school musical. It was sung by her, Ryan, Troy and Gabriella. The harmonies in the song were amazing.

The Boys Are Back was a fun number bringing Troy and Chad back to the days when they were young boys playing in the junkyard. Their appearances went from themselves to ninjas to pirates to young boys that looked like them and back to themselves. They did many different types of dancing including break and pop. The flips, jumps and slides were terrific.

Walk Away was a sad number with Troy convincing Gabriella that she must take Stanford's offer and she leaves, leaving Troy heartbroken. His heartbreak is evident in Scream Efron's solo speaking about how upset he is always being in the middle of everything. He's sick of being the icon of the entire student body. He wants to go to a college that offers more than just basketball, but he doesn't know how to tell his dad. The other numbers were terrific and upbeat.

The relationships between the characters were more evident than ever before. Troy and Gabriella were happier than ever before and ended up missing each other terribly in the few weeks she was in California. Ryan and Kelsey were just beginning to get to know each other but they were certainly hitting it off.

Sharpay has a new assistant, Tiara Gold, who is perfect. She's loyal, sweet, caring, smart, devious like Sharpay, but is that such a good thing. Troy has a shadow, which he tricks into running through the halls with nothing but a towel on. Chad asks Taylor to the prom after being humiliated by Troy in front of the entire cafeteria at lunch. If you haven't seen High School Musical 3 you must get there soon. It's well worth your money and is the best of them all. Have a great time.


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