November 21, 2008

New Moon is Sequel to Twilight Movie

As of this writing, New Moon, the second installment to the Twilight series has been rumored up to be filmed for a December 2009 release, probably stemming from a surprisingly wide anticipation of Twilight. The report is unofficial but I presume it likely.

The Twilight series, written by Stephenie Meyer, consists of five books - Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn (to be released August 2008). The fifth book is tentative, but in her website Stephenie Meyer has offered a free download of the first chapter of Midnight Sun [PDF].

I hope to get more news as the movie draws near. Twilight is set to show December 12, 2008 and stars Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and is directed by Catherine Hardwicke.

Why does the world need a Teen Vampire?

I had not known Twilight prior to when I saw the trailer. I had seen the book but not really give it much thought. That was until the casting of Robert Pattinson, the guy who played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter franchise.

A laugh out loud choice for me but a good choice nonetheless. Hollywood’s way of stereotyping its actors gets kinda stupid sometimes - Jon Heder would have a hard time getting out of Napoleon Dynamite’s shadow, so will McLovin, and this Cedric Diggory looks like he wont find himself off the occult/dark roles anytime soon.

So far the screams seem to come from young girls, and Potter fan boys (who miss Mr. Diggory because he died), and a couple of gay bloggers. Lolz! Not surprising.

Teens from all over the world might just fall in love with him since he’s supposedly a beautiful vampire in the Twilight franchise. A good vampire at that, who drinks animal blood instead of man’s. WTF! A round of applause please… this is soo teeny-bopper; throw in a couple of songs here and suddenly it’s High School Musical -The Holloween Party!

The vampire stereotype is already not one you’d hate. Protagonists of the dark are well known charmers - capable of love, incapable of commitment - another term for “good in bed.” Their fake fangs give them pouty lips that for some reason are exceptionally red. Vampires also have their fashion styled to red and black - elegant and classy, almost smart. Fact is, vampires are hot until they put powder on their faces.

And then there’s the idea that they’re supposedly evil, feasting on human blood in order to survive. So what do you do when a really hot, young, 17 year-old-looking vampire gives you the one in a million chance of a half-sexual, adrenaline-rushing sensation of offering the blood galloping from your neck to satisfy his lusting heart?

Trust me, from a horny mammal’s point of view, just for the excuse of saving a life, any chance to be touched inappropriately and people will most likely succumb to that offer. Maybe we need teen vampires to make us less human.


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