December 18, 2008

‘Batman 3’ Casting Rumors: Eddie Murphy As Riddler, Shia LaBeouf As Robin, Flying Pig As Mr. Freeze

So remember earlier this week when we reported that Rachel Weisz was being considered for the role of Catwoman in the follow-up to this year’s absurdly successful summer hit, “The Dark Knight,” and how we said that it was the crazy (but kinda good) “Batman 3” rumor of the week?

Well, we clearly spoke way too soon…

In a rumor that will most likely be debunked in 3…2…1…, this morning, the ever-reliable (/s) UK tabloid The Sun reports that Eddie Murphy has landed the role of The Riddler, and if that wasn’t enough crazy to start your day, they also report that Shia LaBeouf has landed the role of Robin. Once again, we advise all readers to have their salt-shakers handy when it comes to “Batman 3″ rumors, since Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. execs have gone on record saying there’s been no movement on the upcoming film – but hey, far be it from us to not join in on the fun of Bat-Crap insane casting speculation!

And The Sun article doesn’t stop there — their “insiders” also claim that Nolan has been tipped that Heath Ledger will not only be nominated for an Academy Award, but will receive a posthumous statuette for his role as the Joker, and fans could expect to see “Batman 3″ (”working title ‘Gotham,’” according to The Sun) in theaters sometime in 2010.

We now return you to the real world.

Source: MTV

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