December 18, 2008

Sin City 2

Sin City 2 is a proposed sequel to Sin City. Miller said in early 2007 it would be based on A Dame to Kill For.[14]

Production on the film has been delayed, mostly due to Robert Rodriguez's involvement with a scheduled remake of Barbarella.[15]

Even though the events confirmed[citation needed] for this film take place before certain events of the first film, they take place after the death of Hartigan. Bruce Willis has confirmed[citation needed] that he will not be involved in this film, but he has stated[citation needed] that he would love to reprise the role, if Frank Miller were to write some new Hartigan material for a subsequent sequel.

Actress Rosario Dawson, who played Gail in Sin City, said in March 2006 that Robert Rodriguez "has been interested in Angelina Jolie for the lead".[16] A subsequent article that month said vaguely that Jolie, Salma Hayek and Rose McGowan have "been tipped to play" the role.[17]

Miller in November 2007 said without explaining that delays in producing Sin City 2 would lead to a Sin City 3 as well,[18] with Rodriguez saying the third film would adapt Miller's "Hell and Back" story featuring the character Wallace, which was written with Johnny Depp in mind.[18]

Frank Miller has confirmed that he and Robert Rodriguez have completed a script.[19] On September 19, 2008, Frank Miller stated that he and Rodriguez are very close to beginning production. In a December 4,2008 interview with IGN UK, Miller stated that, pending details of production, he and director Robert Rodriguez could begin shooting "as soon as April".[20] Rosario Dawson confirmed Miller's news of an April start as well as her reprisal of Gail.[21] Despite previous interest, Mickey Rourke has stated that he is no longer interested.[22]

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