December 13, 2008

John Lennon said it best

"You may say I'm a dreamer, But I'm not the only one, I hope someday you'll join us, and the world will live as one."
- John Lennon's "IMAGINE"

Man, that song gets me every time it plays on the radio. It represents many things to me. Good song writing, a beautiful message and it is in my top ten "stranded on a desert island" music collection. The most important thing for me is the sentiment of loving everyone and always being there for people. This song means so much to me that I printed the lyrics and hung them on my kitchen cupboard. I try and glance at the lyrics every so often to remind myself of the base essential of living for today.

During this crazy, commercially driven holiday frenzy we all could use a little less frenzy. John Lennon's "Imagine" is so brilliantly simplistic in its writing but the message is as deep as songs go. He speaks of incredible and seemingly unattainable notions. He wants us to imagine no possessions, no hunger and no war. He even says its easy. During the holiday shopping countdown my entire family is focusing on the concept of no possessions. Yes, we would enjoy a new blender, a new this or that but we decided to forgo exchanging adult gifts. John Lennon was speaking of giving up all possessions but we are not there yet. Sounds good in song but my coffee maker is a necessity.

Most everyone secretly thinks about what their heart desires for the holidays. If you think really hard, how important would that "thing" be in 10 years? My family decided because of empty pocket syndrome this year we would only buy gifts for the kids. There are few words that can explain the relief this gave my husband and me. The choice of paying our mortgage or getting family members gifts they do not need or want is eliminated. We will splurge on fresh fruit and vegetables for our children instead of buying my Dad another sweater. Thanks Dad! No, this year we will relish the holidays as a time of just being together as our gift. Truly believing that family is the greatest gift and sharing all of your love with each other is what life is about.

Here's a suggestion for your holiday music pleasure: Download John Lennon's "Imagine" and make it a part of your family's holiday music mix. The song is a universal plea to the world to just slow down and hug it out. Although it is a long, long road for our nation and beyond, John Lennon's simplistic lyrical world makes us pause and ponder. In this time of families struggling to stay afloat, a huge economic meltdown, wars a plenty and huge divides politically in our country-- what if we could stop judging and blaming and just love one another? I don't mean just in December, but all through the year. I might be a dreamer but that is my wish for this holiday season.

Source: Oregon Live

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