December 13, 2008


Swingstock is an annual summer camp for swingers that takes place in the United States.

The couples-only and adults-only camp has been running since 1988, with the exception of one summer. The event consists of orgies and entertainment organised by the campers themselves. The camp is held from a Wednesday through Sunday in mid July. Originally publicised only by word of mouth, its appearance on the adult programmes Sexcetera and Real Sex introduced it to a worldwide audience and greatly increased its profile and attendance. The location of the camp changed from year to year up until recently, when it began being held at the Two Creeks Campground, near Sandstone, Minnesota. The name is derived from a combination of 'Woodstock' and 'swinger'.

Attendance has historically been 300 to 600 people. When the event was previously held in Black River Falls, Wisconsin attendance was in the range of 600 to 1,000 people.

Swingstock 2008 was held on July 16th-20th.


Each year, the event is given a theme, which is determined by the majority vote of previous year's attendees. The 2007 theme was "Swingstock Shipwrecked - A Tribute to Gilligan's Island" and the theme for 2008 was "Swingstock Goes to Hollywood." The theme directs the topic of a play put on by attendees, as well as suggests costumes for attendees and decorations for campsites and golf carts used by attendees.


Swingstock is comprised of several different mini-events including:

  • Sexually themed games
  • Outdoor Dances
  • Gang Bangs
  • Contests
  • Miss Swingstock Pageant
  • Crowning of King and Queen of Swingstock
  • Theater
  • Group Meals
  • BDSM and Sex Toy Demonstrations
  • Weddings and Renewal of Vows Ceremonies

Although the festival is largely unscheduled, and many attendees pass time congregating around campfires, retiring to others tents and recreational vehicles, or simply spending time with other couples.

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