December 12, 2008

Judge Dredd calls reboot court into session

Here's a character that's ripe for a reboot: 'Judge Dredd'. The mega-popular British sci fi character has had the Hollywood treatment once before in the 1995 film that starred Sylvester Stallone as the title character. The movie was bad enough to make Mania's Top 15 Worst Superhero Movies of all time.

Ever since 2002, Rebellion (who holds the rights to the character) has been working to relaunch the film franchise. Back then they had ambitious plans to film back-to-back Dredd movies, In 2003 Shorline Entertainment got involved to finance the films with an eye on going into production that year. It didn't happen.

Well, now it appears that there's a new plan for bringing the Judge back to the big screen. Edward Mazmanian, he of the many and varied comic book movie groups on FaceBook, has uncovered info at about this new development.

According to the info, which he's duplciated at the Judge Dredd Movie Group, the new film is a joint production between DNA Films and Fox Searchlight. Allon Reich ('28 Weeks Later) is producing. Alex Garldan ('28 Days Later', 'Sunshine'). The production is currently seeking a director.

With the current dominance of comic book movies, the time may be right for a Judge Dredd that truly captures the scale of the Megacities and the black humor of the comics.

Source: Mania

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