December 17, 2008

Shayna West Barely Survives 50 Mph Sky-Diving Accident And Was Pregnant

Shayna West, a woman who survived a skydiving accident hitting the payment of a parking lot at 50 mph realized something after the fall. Tuesday on NBC's "Today" show she talked about the incident of 3 years ago, and how she was blessed by another miracle besides surviving. Shayna West was 2 weeks along pregnant when she hit the payment.

West was coming down fast from skydiving, and just like we all fear, her fears came true. Her main parachute failed to open, then as she began spinning out of control she tried her emergency parachute. Her reserve parachute failed as well and she hit the pavement at 50 mph breaking many bones including her face, leg, and pelvis. It's one thing to survive that fall, it's another to have the baby to survive it too.

West decided after she had her son, Tanner, that she had to face her fear. "I faced my fear. I wasn't going to let it be something that always controlled me," said Shayna West who went skydiving again.

Source: Post Chronicle

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