January 2, 2009

Amy Winehouse’s New Year’s Resolution


Amy Winehouse resolves to eat healthier in 2009.

British singer Amy Winehouse has resolved to eat less junk food in 2009, reports Contactmusic.com.

“I love junk food, I always have,” Winehouse said. “But it ends up making me feel sick. So I’m trying to eat boring s**t like fruit and veg instead of crisps, curries and fried chicken. Just talking about it makes me want it.”

This seems like a small step towards becoming healthy for Winehouse, who has had a difficult time in 2008. In January, the “Rehab” singer reportedly entered rehab for a two week program. On June 23, Amy’s father, Mitch Winehouse, announced that his daughter was hospitalized and suffering from signs of early stage emphysema. In October, Winehouse began testing for a chest infection, and was back in the hospital a month later for what was reported as a reaction to her medication.

Alex James, from the band, Blur, told NME that he would be “surprised” if Amy lives one more year, but hopefully her new year’s resolution will help make 2009 a better year.

Source: The Celebrity Cafe

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