November 23, 2008

The "Heart Attack Grill"

A restaurant in Chandler, Arizona, represents virtually every principle of Killer Branding. Called the Heart Attack Grille, it features really good tasing food, that is absolutely bad for your arteries. The expectation and the downside of the expectation are both clear as a bell. The alignment is awesome from the Single Bypass Burger (one patty) to the Quadruple Bypass burger (four patties). Burgers don’t even have lettuce. In fact, no green food in restaurant at all.

The manager is dressed like a physician and carries a stethoscope as do the waitresses who are all dressed as nurses. Since the clientele is almost all male of course, the nurses outfits are more interesting than found in a hospital.

This is a perfect brand construct. The name, Heart Attack Grill tells you exactly what they serve and allows you to self-select yourself as a target customer or not. And nothing on the menu is off-strategy with everything in the restaurant itself perfectly aligned to the expection and the name.

Source: Grumpy News

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