November 23, 2008

Jeff Hardy Found Unconscious

WWE have posted a news item on their website claiming that Jeff Hardy was found unconscious in a stairwell in his hotel in Boston.

According to WWE, Hardy is currently at an undisclosed hospital receiving treatment. However, the posting of the news has led fans to debate whether this really happened, or if this is part of the storyline heading into his title match against Triple H and Vladimir Kozlov at tonight's Survivor Series.

Hardy has failed the Wellness Programme twice before, and a third failure would result in him being fired by the company. This isn't to say that drugs or any other illegal substance would have played a part in falling unconscious, but having a past look at Hardy's history, it seems to be likely.

Going on the theory that this is a work, however, and it would be a very cruel work to play on his fan's emotions, then you'd guess that Hardy might have been attacked in his hotel, possibly by Kozlov, maybe Triple H (though that would go against his character), or maybe even someone else...possibly Edge, though that would be a bit of a stretch, seeing as it was The Undertaker who sent him to hell rather than Hardy.

Still it remains to be seen what Hardy's true status is, and if we don't hear anything before tonight's PPV, it's likely it's all storyline, and we'll be entertained by the outcome. If not, then it remains to be seen where Hardy's future lies, and if it results in the end of his WWE career.

We'll just have to wait and see.

Source: Bleacher Report

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