November 30, 2008

MySpace Presents 2.0 Layouts

MySpace members are now looking for MySpace 2.0 Layouts since the launch of the new MySpace Profile 2.0.

MySpace Profile 2.0 "allows for users to customize a lot more of their profile than words. Users can now drag and drop modules, add and remove modules, change themes, privacy settings, profile layouts and more.

The advance edit mode allows those with more advanced HTML knowledge to fill out their profile with custom CSS and offers more control over module styles. You are also presented with a visual preview of every change made".

The question is: Where to find new MySpace Profile 2.0 layouts or themes that are compatible with The new Profile 2.0?

Try these sites if you want to pimp your new MySpace Profile 2.0:

  • offers free recently-made MySpace 2.0 layouts
  • Woosio offers original Default Myspace Layouts, Cute Myspace Layouts, Contact Buttons & More Profile Graphics

Source: Huliq

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