November 30, 2008

The real Ray Finkle

Do you know who is Ray Finkle? You can read this in his web:

"Hello and welcome to the official web site of the REAL Ray Finkle. Yes, that's me! Born in Los Angeles, California, as Ray Lewis Finkle. The name Ray Finkle has been known to be synonomous with the Jim Carrey movie, Ace Ventura Pet Detective. This web site is all about the life of a man who's REAL name is Ray Finkle. Known to my family and friends as Ray Ray and to my children as Fun Daddy. I always enjoy life, imitate a great Elvis and have a great Hawaiian Shirt collection. I believe in work hard, play hard and never miss an opportunity. I am very pleased to share with you the following pages of this web site which reflects my past and present life. I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I have living them. To view the pages, just click on any of the title's located to the left, listed below the Welcome Page. To view larger images of any photos, just click on each one individually."

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