November 30, 2008

Sun Microsystems Licenses Selectica's Contract Lifecycle Management Software

Selectica, a leading provider of contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions, today announced that Sun Microsystems has signed a contract to license Selectica's Contract Performance Management (CPM) solution. Sun Microsystems plans to deploy Selectica's contract management platform as a standardized solution to consolidate contract lifecycle management for all of its contracts on a global basis.
Sun will be implementing Selectica's CPM to replace many of its manual contract management processes, gain greater visibility into contract information, and identify exposure areas for possible non-compliance. Selectica's CPM solution will allow sales representatives to start a contract without legal assistance, improving the efficiency of Sun Legal and allowing resources to focus on high value issues. Integrated contract management can help ensure that contracts will have the proper legal terms and conditions, thus minimizing risk for Sun and increasing customer satisfaction. Sun executives indicated they selected Selectica's CPM because it is highly adaptable and can be configured for multiple product lines and types of contracts, and it can be scaled to handle the volume of contracts that Sun does globally.
"Given the diversity of Sun's product offerings, Selectica was the logical choice for our contract lifecycle needs," said Bill Lard, Senior Director of Sun Microsystems. "We were looking for a single contract management platform that could be readily adapted to handle all of Sun's product and sales relationships to maximize efficiency, eliminate potential errors, and minimize administrative overhead, and Selectica's CPM met our criteria."
"Selectica's CPM is ideally suited for customers like Sun Microsystems that have a large volume of contractual relationships that span multiple product lines and deal options," said Jim Thanos, co-chair for Selectica. "Our CLM solutions not only help manufacturers tame complex value-chain relationships, they shorten sales cycles and time-to-revenue, and provide transparency into sales agreements to uncover hidden revenue sources. We look forward to working with Sun to make sure they get the maximum benefit and ROI from Selectica's CPM."
About Sun Microsystems, Inc.
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About Selectica, Inc.
Selectica provides its customers with software solutions that automate the complexities of enterprise contract management and sales configuration lifecycles. The company's high-performance solutions underlie and unify critical business functions including sourcing, procurement, governance, sales and revenue recognition. Selectica has been providing innovative, enterprise-class solutions for the world's largest companies for over 10 years and has generated substantial savings for its customers. Selectica customers represent leaders in manufacturing, technology, retail, healthcare and telecommunications, including: ABB, Ace Hardware, Bell Canada, Cisco, Covad Communications, General Electric, Hitachi, International Paper, Juniper Networks, Levi Strauss & Co., Rockwell Automation, Tellabs, and 7-Eleven. Selectica is headquartered in San Jose, CA. For more information, visit the company's Web site at
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Source: Market Watch

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