December 10, 2008

The Biggest Loser (Season 1)

The Biggest Loser is an NBC reality television show that began broadcasting on October 19, 2004. The show features overweight contestants competing to lose the largest percentage of their body weight and receive the title of 'Biggest Loser,' along with a $250,000 grand prize. The first season featured twelve contestants divided into two teams of six players. The teams were each led by a personal trainer, Bob Harper with the Blue team and Jillian Michaels with the Red team. The first season was hosted by Caroline Rhea.


Week 1

  • The 12 contestants are spilt into two teams: the red team and the blue team. The red team consists of Lizzeth, Matt, Dave, Kelly Min, Lisa and Ryan is trained by Jillian. The blue team consists of Dana, Aaron, Kelly Mac, Andrea, Maurice, Gary and is trained by Bob.
  • The Blue Team wins the first challenge and receives five pounds of lard to use against the losing team at the weigh in.
  • Matt is the biggest loser of the week.
  • The Red Team wins the weigh in.
  • Dana is the first person to be eliminated.

Week 2

  • The Red Team wins the second challenge and receives a day at the spa.
  • Aaron is the biggest loser of the week.
  • The Blue Team wins the weigh in.
  • Lizzeth is eliminated.

Week 3

  • Everyone at the ranch resists the temptation to eat a cinnamon bun to get a telephone call. As a reward, they all win a 5 minute phone call.
  • The Red Team wins the performance challenge and receives a gourmet meal from Chef Cruz. Additionally, they forced the Blue Team to lose their trainer right before the weigh-in.
  • Matt is the biggest loser of the week.
  • The Red Team wins the weigh in.
  • Aaron is eliminated.

Week 4

  • Dave gives in to the temptation to eat a cupcake and have dinner with a loved one.
  • This week's challenge is to climb 74 flights of stairs. Since Gary and Maurice are injured, Matt and Lisa will be competing for the Red team against Kelly Mac and Andrea of the Blue Team. Lisa has a panic attack and has to stop at the 34th floor. Kelly Mac and Andrea make it to the top and win a helicopter ride over the city for the Blue Team.
  • The Blue Team chooses Matt of the Red Team to sit out the weigh in.
  • Maurice is the biggest loser of the week.
  • The Blue Team wins the weigh in.
  • Matt is eliminated.

Week 5

  • The Red Team wins the challenge by building the tallest food pyramid. They win $5,000 of computer equipment and video messages from home.
  • Andrea becomes the first woman to be the biggest loser of the week.
  • The Blue Team wins the weigh in.
  • Dave is eliminated.

Week 6

  • The Red Team wins the life guard training challenge and are treated to new makeovers.
  • Ryan is the biggest loser of the week.
  • The Red Team wins the weigh in.
  • Kelly Mac is eliminated after the Red Team is forced to break a tie between Kelly Mac and Maurice.

Week 7

  • Caroline Rhea announces to the teams that it is now an individual competition. The two people who are below the yellow line (having the lowest percentage cumulative weight loss) will be up for elimination.
  • The individual spin cycle challenge is won by Gary, who rode for 79 miles. In addition to being immune from the next eviction, Gary also receives a shopping spree and a surprise visit from his wife and kids.
  • Ryan is the biggest loser of the week.
  • Andrea and Maurice are up for elimination, and Andrea is sent home.

Week 8

  • This week's challenge has all the contestants wearing their previously lost weight in vests. The previous day, they had run a lap around the track. Whomever could get closest to their time from the previous day would win immunity and a 32" LCD TV. Ryan wins the challenge.
  • Gary is the biggest loser for the week.
  • Lisa and Maurice are up for elimination, and Ryan turns against his former teammate and is the tie-breaker vote to eliminate Lisa.

Week 9

  • Episode 9 was a retrospective into the first eight episodes.

Week 10

  • The prize for the weekly challenge is a $7,000 treadmill. There is no immunity. The contestants had to stand on bales of hay holding a bouquet of balloons. Ryan wins the treadmill.
  • Ryan is again the biggest loser.
  • Maurice and Kelly are up for elimination
  • Maurice is voted off, leaving Kelly, Gary and Ryan in the final three.
  • Winning percentage will be based on weight loss and fat percentage lost.
  • Kelly has a total weight loss of 79 pounds (33%) and decreased her body fat by 17% for 50%.
  • Gary has a total weight loss of 71 pounds (31%) and decreased his body fat by 23% for 54%.
  • Ryan has a total weight loss of 122 pounds (37%) and decreased his body fat by 18% for 55%.
  • Ryan is declared the biggest loser and the winner of $250,000.

Week 12 - Reunion

  • The Reunion show saw the 9 non-finalists compete for $100,000. Each was dunked in the water tank to check their fat loss and weighed.
Reunion figures
Name Weight loss Percentage
weight fat total
Dana 22 13% 8% 21%
Lizzeth 22 13% 11% 24%
Aaron 61 23% 21% 44%
Matt 64 21% 6% 27%
Dave 71 28% 25% 53%
Kelly Mac 72 32% 15% 47%
Andrea 59 27% 21% 48%
Lisa 57 24% 7% 31%
Maurice 71 16% 8% 24%

Voting History

Did They Keep the Weight Off?

Prior to the start of Season 4 a special episode was shown revisiting past contestants to see if they kept the weight off. Only Andrea and Kelly Mac were featured, but on the official website, Aaron was also interviewed.

Andrea, who lost 59 pounds in the competition, lost another 5 pounds to bring her current weight to 151. This had made her the only contestant featured to actually maintain her weight loss.

Kelly Mac gained 9 pounds since the Season One finale to bring her weight to 160 pounds.

Aaron, who was eliminated in the third week and losing 25 of his 61 pounds at home, gained 24 pounds to bring his weight back to 224, only one pound less than when he left the ranch.

On the second to last episode of The Biggest Loser: Families, trainer Bob mentioned that Season 1 winner, Ryan weighed as much today as he did when he first came to the house, indicating he had gained all the weight back and saying he had "learned nothing."

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