December 21, 2008

Bob Bowersox is reportedly leaving QVC. Bob Bowersox is sadly leaving QVC, reportedly telling QVC fans he’s calling it quits. Bowersox announced his depature on air this weekend.

QVC Forum comments describe Bowersox’s exit:

One poster wrote:
“On the pre-recorded presentation of Bob, he seemed very sad. He actually seemed like he was trying his best not to cry. Bob said that he was persuing other avenues in life”.

Another poster said:
“I missed his farwell message but at least the Q gave him the opporunity to speak to the audience about his quick departure (unlike DK.)”

Bowersox’s bio on QVC includes the following:

“Bowersox joined QVC in November 1986, appearing on QVC’s first broadcast. His program host duties include presenting product information, conducting demonstrations, and interacting with on–air guests, celebrities, and viewers. Bob brings his vast knowledge of electronics, entertainment, journalism, photography, and the arts to QVC programs such as Electronics Today, Picture Perfect®, The Computer Shop, Pilates Home Studio, Beyond Wine, and SELECT COMFORT® Sleep Solutions. But what he’s most known for, among QVC viewers, is his association with the cooking category.”

Bob’s shows included In The Kitchen With Bob®, a show he hosted for 11 years. Before that, Bob was a recording artist with Columbia Records.

“Returning to his home in Delaware after a two–year stint in New York, Bob launched a second career by opening The Crepe Chalet restaurant, which became an instant hit. He attended the University of Delaware, earning his second degree in Journalism. Upon completing his studies, he co–founded, published, and edited Fine Times Magazine, a pop music publication for the Delaware/Philadelphia region. Within a year, it became the number one regional lifestyle magazine.”

Fans reaction today is sadness across the QVC Forum .

“Bob is/was a staple on QVC. If you did not like him you should have switched channels, there are buttons. You are a very negative/down person. I have watched Bob for over 20 years, thru ups and downs and still like him very much. I wish him well and we will see him other places.”

Source: LALate

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