December 16, 2008

Hummer owner reports break-in on 300 block of 8th Street

The following information was obtained from Huntington Police Department reports:

BREAKING AND ENTERING: The owner of a 2007 Hummer reporter his vehicle was broken into while parked on the 300 block of 8th Street on Friday. The owner reported his driver's side window was broken and a number of items were stolen from the vehicle. More than $2,000 cash and two purses were reported stolen.

STOLEN VEHICLE: A resident on the 1200 block of 10th Avenue reported his ATV and trailer stolen on Friday. The owner reported the items had been stored on the east side of his home.

BREAKING AND ENTERING: Five people parked in a parking lot in the 800 block of 3rd Avenue reported their cars broken into and a number of items stolen from their vehicles. The owners reported about $2,700 worth of items were stolen from their vehicles between Friday night and Saturday morning.

BURGLARY: A resident of the 600 block of 10th Avenue reported a break-in on Sunday. She reported DVDs, CDs, a Microsoft Xbox and Sony PlayStation 2 were stolen from her residence. Stolen and damaged items reportedly totaled $1,045.

BURGLARY: A resident in the 1400 block of 28th Street reported her apartment was burglarized early Monday morning. The woman reported a flat-screen TV, a Sony PlayStation 2, video games and DVDs stolen. The stolen items had a value of $1,630, she said.

Reports from the Cabell County Sheriff's Department provided the following information:

EMBEZZLEMENT: Bobbie Malone, 24, of Huntington was arrested Thursday on charges of felony embezzlement and false reporting following an incident on Nov. 11.

According to the report, an employee reported in November that she was held at gunpoint and forced to give two armed gunmen money while working at the Exxon gas station on Davis Creek Road in Huntington. The Sheriff's Department said it determined the employee assaulted herself, stole the money and reported it as a robbery.

Malone posted $7,000 bond when she was arrested.

BREAKING AND ENTERING: A man house-sitting for a relative reported $2,194 worth of firearms stolen from the house in the 6900 block of Left Fork Road in Barboursville. Authorities reported a window in the house's utility room was the point of entry. Seven guns and one paintball gun was reported stolen.

Reports from the Western Regional Jail listed the following felony bookings:

Jamie Ann Warner, 32, was brought in at 11:10 p.m. She is charged with uttering and fraudulently using a credit card. Both are felonies.

Robert Daniel Skonberg, 30, was brought in at 1:15 a.m. He is charged with speeding, reckless driving, driving under the influence and fleeing while driving under the influence. The latter is a felony charge.

Source: Herald Dispach

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