January 13, 2009

Fargo woman wins 'Real Chance of Love' reality show

Abbie Noah is Fargo’s latest reality TV winner as the hairstylist ended VH1’s “Real Chance of Love” hugging, kissing and smiling with “her man.”

Monday night’s finale featured Noah as one of the final four women vying for the hearts of two men – Real and Chance, two brothers who call themselves “The Stallionaires.” The show’s premise featured each brother choosing his prospective “love” from a group of women.

As the show started Monday night, each brother had two final women to choose from.

Noah, who was known on the show was “Corn Fed,” was up against a woman dubbed “Bay Bay Bay” for the love of Real. Early in the episode, Noah and Bay Bay Bay argued during a poolside dinner in a Puerto Rico resort. Noah left the table crying after Bay Bay Bay and Real each wondered if the polite, sweet Fargo woman could handle the honest, harsh lifestyle of Los Angeles and the celebrity scene following Real.

“I’d feel absolutely devastated if Real doesn’t pick me,” Noah said early on.

During the show’s final selection, Real again questioned Noah’s ability to handle his lifestyle in Los Angeles.

“L.A. is not Fargo,” he said.

The statement brought tears to Noah’s eyes as she turned away in agony, unable to face the possibility she couldn’t be with Real.

But as Real turned to Bay Bay Bay he said he came to the show to find a relationship that had “fireworks.” And, he said, he didn’t feel the explosions with Bay Bay Bay.

Looking at Noah, Real said, “I believe you fell in love with me. I fell in love with you too.”

After an embrace, the show switched to a post-interview with Noah and she said, “I have been waiting this entire time to hear Real say he fell in love with me, and he said it. … I am absolutely in love with Real.”

She was the only woman on the show who found love. In a surprising move, Chance dismissed both of his final women saying he wasn’t truly in love with either of them.

The “Real Chance of Love” finale will be followed in two weeks with a reunion episode on VH1.

Fargo's previous reality show champion was Caridee English, who won the seventh cycle - or season - "America's Next Top Model."

Source: In-forum

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