January 13, 2009

Room A Day Giveaway 2009 - How To Enter


If you've been watching "The View" recently you'll already know about the exciting "Room-A-Day Giveaway Sweepstakes" offer where 16 lucky winners will win $25,000 for a fabulous design makeover.

15 of the winners will be announced between February 2 to February 15, 2009 on ABC's "The View" and the final winner posted on the Room A Day Give Away website on March 15, 2009.

The sweepstakes begin January 10, 2009 and end on March 6, 2009. This contest is only available to those living in the United States who are 18 years of age and over. You can find out more about the makeover contest and enter online at www.roomadaygiveaway.com.

Source: Writer's Review

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