January 13, 2009

Natalie Dylan's Virginity Now Worth $2.5 Million


Natalie Dylan, a twenty two year old women's study student, is not the first woman to try to auction off her virginity for money. But Natalie Dylan, which is a pseudonym, appears to be the most successful so far in running up the bidding.

The highest bid for a night of passion with Natalie Dylan has come to $2.5 million. At least ten thousand men have out in bids to relieve Natalie Dylan, a cute brunette, of her virginity.

Natalie Dylan decided to auction her virginity off when she learned that her sister had worked for three weeks as a prostitute in order to pay for college. When she started the bidding about three or so months ago, Natalie Dylan had hoped that she would get a bid of a million dollars. That she now has the bidding up to two and a half times that number seems incredible.

The winning bidder will get to enjoy Natalie Dylan's favors at the famous Bunny Ranch brothel in Nevada, where prostitution is legal. She has undergone a polygraph test and is willing to undergo a medical exam to prove her sexual status to the satisfaction of the winning bidder.

Now the question arises when seeing this story again, what kind of guy is going to shell out two and a half million dollars for a one night stand with someone who is not, after all, experienced? To be sure some of the bidders, according to Natalie Dylan, are men with questionable morals and taste, even by the standards of men who would bid on such an auction. But others seem to be polite businessmen who want to show Natalie Dylan a good time.

A night with a high class call girl, we are informed, might cost a few thousand dollars and might include the kind of kinks that Natalie Dylan is unwilling to participate in. So it is a mystery how Natalie Dylan's virginity is suddenly worth two and a half million dollars. Remember, the price is one night, not to keep Natalie Dylan for any length of time after that.

Source: Associated Content

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