November 26, 2008

Dancing with the Stars Winner 2008

And the winner is: Brooke Burke!!

This season on Dancing with the Stars had a little bit for everyone and now the finale is in the books. The winner for Dancing with the Stars season 7 is mother of four Brooke Burke and she had one of the great performances on the show in history on Monday night when she nailed the freestyle and she certainly deserves the win.

Congratulations to Brooke and her partner Derek Hough who said earlier that his sister had won on the show as had his best friend and he believed that this year was a good time to break into the winner's circle and he certainly had an outstanding partner in Brooke as she was almost flawless at times and may have saved the show this season.

Second place goes to Warren Sapp and Kym Johnson. They were a blast to watch this season though it was a shock that the former noseguard from the NFL edged out Lance Bass as he showed a ton of talent on the dance floor with his very capable and lovely dance partner Lacey Schwimmer.

This season was just good enough and it certainly helped that all three of the final couples were so capable and likable. Sapp was the fan favorite by far (what is it with these former NFL stars) as he really should have come in third. Still, it was a very successful season and most fans will be right back in front of their television screens for the next round.


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