November 26, 2008

Kim Cattrall Strips for Titian

Sex and the City
star Kim Cattrall has joined the campaign to keep Titian's Diana and Actaeon in Britain by posing semi-naked for a 21st-century version of the work, the Telegraph reports.

BBC2's The Culture Show asked photographer Tom Hunter, known for his recreations of old master paintings, to update the classic Titian work after he backed the campaign; the result is a photo that shows Actaeon accidentally happening upon the secret bathing place of Diana and incurring her wrath.

Cattrall, who was born in England, stars as Diana. "Kim is the perfect Diana," said Hunter. "Just like the Greek goddess, she combines beauty with a sense of threat." The others in the picture are art students from the Courtauld Institute and performers from the West End burlesque show La Clique.

The National Galleries of Scotland and the National Gallery in London have until December 31 to raise £50 million to buy Diana and Actaeon; if they fail to do so, it could be sold by the Duke of Sutherland on the open market. Cattrall commented that "it would be a tragedy" to lose the painting from public view.


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