November 26, 2008

Ideas for Christmas: Rubik's Revolution

The Rubik's Revolution is an electronic game designed to resemble the classic Rubik's Cube puzzle. The device is a single, rigid cube, slightly larger than a Rubik's Cube, with each face subdivided into 9 square sub-faces. The center square of each face features a recessed LED-lit button colored to correspond with the stickers on the remaining squares. Gameplay involves pressing the buttons when they light up, or when directed to by the game's recorded voice.

This gameplay is completely different from that of the Rubik's Cube, despite the physical resemblance to the Rubik's Cube's solved state. There are no separate, movable sub-cubes as in the Rubik's Cube; the 6 faces are of uniform, unchanging color, and the 9 facets on each face are fixed in place.


The Rubik's Revolution 15 includes 6 electronic games, using the 6 lighted buttons in the recessed squares at the center of each face of the cube and the internal speaker. These games are called "Light Speed", "Rapid Recharge", "Pattern Panic", "Cube Catcher", "Code Cracker", and "Multiplayer Madness".

In the game "Light Speed", one button will light up, and the player has a certain amount of time to press the correct button. As the player makes progress, the player has less time to press the correct button. The game ends if the player presses the wrong button or runs out of time.

In the game "Pattern Panic", a sequence of buttons light up and their colors are spoken, starting with one button on the first round, two on the next, et cetera. The player has five seconds to correctly press the same sequence of buttons. The game ends if the player presses the wrong button or runs out of time.

In the game "Cube Catcher", various buttons light up randomly. The player has thirty seconds to press as many correct buttons as possible. Time warnings are given at 30,25, 20, 15, 10, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1 second. After time is out, the player is rated on accuracy in the form of a percent. If it is over 70%, the player advances to the next level. The game ends when the player's accuracy is less than 70%. The rounds are progressively more difficult.,0,0,0_PIen-us-vendor-play-shuttle-off,BottomLeft,0,43_.jpg

In "Code Cracker", the player must try to guess the order in which the buttons should be pressed. If a wrong button is pressed, an alarm sounds and the player must begin again. Once the "code" is "cracked", the player is told how long it took and how many tries it took.

"Multiplayer Madness" is the same as "Light Speed", but for many players. The cube is passed between players. When a player cannot press the button in time or presses the wrong button, that player is eliminated. At the end, one player wins.

An electronic voice is used to guide the players both during gameplay and for configuration, such as changing the volume. The games also employ various other sound effects, such as a soft "click" sound when a button is pressed.

Source: Wikipedia

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