November 25, 2008

Big Boss

Bigg Boss is a reality TV programme broadcast in India. It is the Indian version of the Big Brother format, which was first developed by Endemol in the Netherlands.

The first series of the show aired between November 2006 and January 2007. The second series began on 17 August 2008.

Season One (2006-2007)

The first series of Bigg Boss began on 3 November 2006, and ended on 26 January 2007. It was broadcast on Sony Entertainment Television. The host of this series was Bollywood actor Arshad Warsi.

Fourteen , (originally twelve) celebrities, along with a hidden spy (later revealed to be Ragini Shetty), entered the inside the Big Boss house for 12 weeks with only a suitcase of luggage each. The contestants had to cook and clean by themselves - they did not have access to domestic help or stylists.

Tasks were set by Bigg Boss each week. The housemates were allowed to gamble on task outcomes, and were rewarded with extra money to order more supplies if they won.

As with most versions of Big Brother, each week, the housemates had to nominate two of their peers for eviction. They were required to give reasons for their nominations. The housemates with the most nominations then faced eviction that week, with the evictee being decided by a public vote.

After 12 weeks, Rahul emerged as the winner of Bigg Boss on Day 86. Carol left as the first runner up, whilst Ravi was the second runner up.

Season Two (2008)

The second season of Bigg Boss premiered on 17 August 2008, on new broadcaster Colors and ended on 22 November 2008.

The show ran for three months. Bigg Boss 2 returned with Shilpa Shetty as the new host, who previously won the fifth series of Celebrity Big Brother in the United Kingdom.[1]

The new season featuring 14 contestants competing for a cash prize of Rs 1 Crore. As part of the format, 14 contestants are living in the Bigg Boss house built in Lonavala, located 96 km away from Mumbai. The new house is much more stylish and modernized this time. It has a very contemporary gym for the contestants whose movements will be tracked over 84 days, 24x7 by 32 cameras. The show is aired on [2] at 10 PM [I.S.T.] daily.

After the first day at the House, the housemates had nominated Raja Choudhary and Sanjay Nirupam for eviction. On the second day, Jade Goody was informed of her cervical cancer, and she left the show immediately [3] Sanjay Nirupam was the first contestant to be eliminated from this season followed by Rakhi Vijan. Monica Bedi was evicted on September 5, 2008. Ketki Dave was evicted on September 12, 2008. Alina Wadiwala was evicted on September 19, 2008.

Diana Hayden, former Miss India and Miss World joined the show as a wildcard entrant on 15th September 2008.

After a fake eviction of Raja on 26th (Rahul & Raja had got nominated), Raja returned to the house after 3 days in a secret room. He watched all the contestants from the secret room and is taking full advantage of it. Sambhawana Seth is the next inmate to get evicted on 3rd Oct.

Next eviction is on 10th and nominations are Payal, Rahul and Raja. Monica got wild card and entered Big Boss house again.

From the Three nomations, Payal was evicted on 10th Oct 2008. Actually it was predicted by most of the viewers since Rahul is the Strongest contestant and Raja got the best publicity and fan following after the Bold Love and Hot Scenes with Sambhawana and then again when he entered the secret room he got the best fan following.

on 17th October Aihsan Qureshi, who was nominated for the very first time, got evicted. On 24th October Debojit got evicted. Debojit got evicted after that, and on 8th November Diana Hayden got evicted, when Ashu and Diana were nominated.

On 10th Nov in the next nomination Zulfi (with 4 votes, nominated by Raja, Monica, Rahul, Ashu) and Monica (with 3 votes, nominated by Raja, Zulfi, Ashu )are in the dumping zone. The two guest Sambhana and Payal who have entered a week ago could not participate in the nomination process and also both of them were asked to pack up with in ten minutes to leave the Bigboss house. From Monika and Zulfi, Monika had to go from the house.

Four housemates were left - Rahul, Raja, Ashutosh and Zulfi, all are boys.

Rahul along with other inmates Raja, Zulfi and Ashutosh had attempted to jump out of the House by climbing the wall after they believed that they were not being given enough food to survive on. Rahul was asked to leave the show when he refused to apologise for breach of discipline. After 98 days long journey on November 22, 2008 Ashutosh Kaushik on walked away with the Bigg Boss 2 title and a whopping Rs.1 crore in cash. Zulfi was declared the second runner-up, while Raja Chaudhry became the first runner-up.

Source: Wikipedia

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