November 25, 2008

The Grocery Game: Thanksgiving

In order to stuff the turkey and fill the table, it’s going to require a stuffed grocery cart for the Byam family.

“I usually come here [Aldi] first and get everything I can for as cheap as possible and then I will go to Kroger or Wal-Mart and get whatever I couldn't find there,” said Lih-sia Byam.

Aldi is one of many stores offering a bundled Thanksgiving meal from the turkey to the pies. They call it their “feast under $30.”

“I come here because the prices are absolutely outstanding,” said one shopper.But if you want to buy your turkey and trimmings a-la-cart, you can still shop bargains.

CBS 46 was first to tell you about the grocery game, an online site that has helped hundreds of Georgia families play their grocery store aisles like a Vegas card game.

You may remember Lisa VanKesteran who scored $119 worth of groceries for $46.70.

"I saved about $70, more than $70," said VanKesteran.

The same game works for Thanksgiving. This week stores are featuring Thanksgiving discounts on the turkey, pumpkin pie, cranberries and more.

Pile on the grocery game coupons and items like whole sweet potatoes end up being free.

"Sort of like playing a card game. Play that coupon at just the right time,” said Terri Gault, founder of

So before you head to the grocery store this week, your going to want to visit for free coupons for your Thanksgiving feast.


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